10 Online Shopping Sites in 2013 You Should not Miss!

online shopping sites in 2013Life is becoming tough leaving us with no time to actually go to the malls and invest a good amount of time in first finding the right place to shop and then to choose the right price and then, the right choice of the good. These days when the online industry is flourishing each second, online shopping sites are one of the most hottest cakes that are bringing a really good business for the investors. With 2013, it has been seen that many new online shopping sites are emerging with a hope to be as popular as Amazon, eBay and many more.

Here are 10 important sites that you can trust for your online shopping. Have a look!


Hit the slopes in the latest outfits from your favorite brands. ZAppos.com resides the stagnant vintages from the popular brands and promises not only the quality over your budget but also the best service. It holds the amazing deals on designer vintages and foot wares occasionally. You will always feel easy to navigate on the site, as 24/7 customer care services is kept, who will make sure you will get what you are looking for.

The payments can be made via VISA, Discover, Master Card and PayPal. And hurry up if you haven’t shopped through it ever, because you can get $25 back on your first shop through it.


It is a popular online shopping spot which sells the world’s best boutique vintages. Explore the fabulous outfits, accessories, bags, shoes and many more, all from the fabulous taste of New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris. You will find the innovative products to shop over 200 boutiques for one flat shipping rate and the best thing about the site is, it provides free shipping to all US domestic orders over $100, with free return opportunity if you don’t like your product. The shipping is only made to Australia, US, UK, Canada and France.


Are you a big fan and looking for the style worn by Olivia in the recent red carpet? Then not to worry, you can follow and purchase styles worn by stars, such as Olivia Palermo and Victoria Beckham with the option to search by celebrity picks. If you are worried that those Maurie & Eve Tori buckle pants might not look like as fabulous as that on Kim Kardashian, not to worry. You can pick spectacular pair of pants from the options provided, it also has pictures of models and regular folks rocking in their styles.


Step into your affinity, fit in the style and see how it looks with a 3D representation, with online fashion boutique powered by fabulous virtual fitting room. Here you have to make an account and then to create a virtual representation and use this twin copy of yours, to try on different styles and sizes of items offered on the platform. There is remarkable number of brands to enjoy shopping.


No more excuses to look fashion freak and disaster or Van Wilder, MR Porter has not only come up with spectacularly stagnant men’s online market but also sets up a community and style council, build up of style icons such as N.E.R.D’s Pharrell Williams to give you a new look. You don’t always need your laptop for suggestions; you can log in via iPhones and enjoy suggestions.  MRPorter.com has kept its standards pretty high for imitators to get their hands in, thus you will get the best retailer offers without worrying for counterfeit, and enjoy buying from Alexander McQueen to Ray Ban. You can stay updated and follow the moves on the site via Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.


It is here where you can see what you want, and you can buy among your options! MosCloth.com “Be the Buyer” stage allows you to be part of voting done by the buyer team, that is you! You vote vintages of emerging designers via “Pick it” and “Skip it” option. Your voting could lead a product to ModCloth.com stockroom or trash room. Enjoy buying from 700 independent designers whose sense of creativity has gone beyond the limit of fashion and step into the world of interiors.


The highly Curate vintage and best pieces for girls are finally under  the roof of NastyGal.com, where you will get from fabulous to spectacularly stagnant women’s wear. IT has launched as an eBay international style selling site. Apart from shopping it offers “want list” option that allows you to answer to a wedding registry- that welcome your suggestions for most wanted pieces for holidays, birthdays, etc because they know girls are meant to be dealt special.


Cinderella dream? Shoestring budget? No Problem! Rent and return! Simple, here the service allows you to burrow vintages by brands, use them and when you don’t feel like wearing them anymore or coming closer to end of your reservation time, return after use for approximately 10% of the retail price. RenttheRunway.com is a New York City based like Netflix but with amazing dresses accessories, enjoy serious closet upgrade.


It is the best and largest UK online fashion destination and beauty retailer store. Discover over 850 labels, recently 100 new labels has been introduced as well over which you can get up to 70% off if you hurry now! It carries 50,000 branded and owned labeled product chains for menswear and women wear. Create and share looks, personalize your own look books, dresses accessories by using fashion finder. Keep up to date with street style, latest trends, celebrities and music all on your mobile and PC. The best feature is, if you need to return anything, they’ll collect it free of charge, enjoy unlimited day delivery, every time and get early access to new arrivals and sales with only 9.95 pounds a year for premium members. Enjoy shopping from the BEST.


Got only $35 to make perfect settings for an occasion? Not to worry, Otteny.com’s personal shopping team will assemble the best and compatible look for any occasion. They keep you updated with upgrades by their newsletters.

The above stated sites are really good in dealing with their customers and enjoy a good reputation. The prices been offered on these sites are comparatively lesser than that of on Amazon or eBay.

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