10 Online Halal Ways to Make Money

10 Online Halal Ways to Make MoneyEvery other time when you get to know about online earning methods or schemes and people actually involved with this stuff, your motivational level must be raised to a new extent. That is quite obvious from the fact that everyone is happy to have some extra and convenient money and the best source for such income is the online ways of earning. But there is one most important factor to remember if you belong and believe the doctrine of Islam and want to be a true follower of your religion. That is to look for legitimate, lawful or you can say halal ways to earn money online. Within a huge great number of online jobs, many of them are haram and illegitimate with respect to Islamic jurisprudence. So just check out the halal ways to make your money online:

1.    Web Development

1. web development

Web Development has become one of the most popular and usable job in the recent past years. there are many courses related to this field that can make you a professional in web developing. You can make websites for halal products and design themes for them. There is a long way to go in this field.

2.    Online Tuitions

homework with headphones

One dignified source of income that remains unquestionable in any case whenever it comes to halal or haram ways of earning. There are many online platforms where requirement for online tutors and guides with all specifications are provided. You can find your area of interest and start teaching online with best payback.

3.    Blogging

3. blogging

Blogging can always be an amazing option when looking for a halal way to make money. You can be a successful and professional blogger by some simple guidance and tactics. To make this halal, you must avoid plagiarism that takes your content to a stolen one and the money you earn out of it doesn’t remain halal.

4.    Become a Translator

4. become a translator

Online market is undoubtedly a diversified one and belongs to the whole world. Many languages from one part of the world need to be translated in other parts of the world in order to give accurate interpretation regarding the subject. So, there are many jobs available for you to become a translator and they too fall in the halal category of earning.

5.    Affiliate Marketing

5. affiliate marketing

If you have a blog or a website of your own. You must have an idea of affiliate marketing and advertisement. You can get affiliated with other vendors and make their ads visible on your website for marketing purpose. This can bring traffic to your site as well as you get a good payment from the company you get affiliated with.

6.    Sell Your Stuff

6. sell your stuff

There are many legitimate websites for online buying and selling purposes. You can make it a way of income by selling your stuff whether it is new or old, but it must be in good condition. Be honest with its specifications and characteristics while attaching it on any website.

7.    Teach Quran Online on Skype

7. teach quran online on skype

Many people prefer this amazing and Holy source of online income to get associated with. You can make groups of students and teach them Holy Quran on Skype. Students are available on many legitimate websites willing to get a Quran teacher.

8.    Online Coding Jobs

8. onilne coding

If you can learn programming, there is a lot you can show in the online market. You can learn any of the programming languages and start coding for specific projects given by companies. Just code, submit and get your halal payment out of it.

9.    Be Creative

9. be creative

If you are an expert in any specific area like making handicrafts, baking food items, making decorative items, designing clothes and many other creative works, you can be a successful earner for your this talent. You can sell your creative stuff online and get paid.

10. Transcription

10. transciption

Transcription jobs are way too simple and one can easily learn to do that. All you need to do is listen to an audio or watch a video and type whatever is there you heard. Your typing speed matters a lot while doing transcription jobs. But you should do transcription for legitimate source or company.

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  1. Wow, really? Agreed, that these sources can be used for halaal earning, but they all have a bigger opportunity of haram in them. You can’t just tell people that “do this business, and do it right”. Almost everything in this world can be done the “halaal” way, and we need to know how to do it.

    Please focus on telling how these online businesses can be done the halaal way. Islam is a sensitive topic, and you should be careful while providing information and think about its consequences.

  2. wait… just found out it’s not an islamic blog. I wonder why the author even cared to provide such information when she is not eligible for it. I can see why the article is written in a way that it just wants some ad impressions and get on top of Google.


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