10 Myths About Launching a Blog

10 Myths About Launching a BlogThe trend of entrepreneurship in youth has gathered a large number of bloggers to launch their blogs as a startup. Nobody wants to sit idle at home and spend their hours going in vain. No idea better than launching a blog can possibly be implemented in this regard. But it comes along with conventions and myths to work on it.

Here are some myths about launching a blog that you should not give an ear to.

1.    Blogging is all about writing


Starting a blog? Never knew you got good writing skills. So the first myth about blogging is that it is assumed to be only about writing stuff. This might be true to some extent. But you must know that visual blogging, like blogs related to photography and motion videos are also available to be done in this field.

2. Blogging, a really expensive business

blogging is expensive

People will call out the blogging business to be an expensive one. Or that launching a blog and its maintenance takes a huge investment. But in reality, that doesn’t sound perfectly true. You can start off with your blog at a low scale and keep improving it with qualitative content.

3.    Needs to be an expert writer

The beginners most of the time come up with a fear of this dreading myth. Its about being expert at writing and creating content to achieve success. That’s not it. Everybody writes in present time. All you have to do is make your content understandable and relevant with suitable vocabulary that doesn’t need to be of advanced level to run the life of your blog.

4.    If I build it, people will visit

traffic on blog

Launching a blog by your name? your job is not done here. To make a large number of people visit your blog, you need to market it. It’s a whole new business of its kind. You need to promote it and get followers through marketing and promotions.

5.    Blogging, takes too much time

too much time consuming

A famous myth about blogging is that it takes too much time. For amateurs, it would surely take time. But that doesn’t mean you become a blog insect. Once you keep up with practice, it becomes easier and feasible to handle a blog.

6.    Loads of traffic would take your blog to success

While launching a blog, a blogger unquestionably keep some prime factors in mind to work on. Getting traffic is actually a basic requirement for your blog. That reflects your efforts you put in your content. But the fate of your blog is definitely not decided by traffic on your page.

7.    Need of posting everyday

daily posting

A great many bloggers have been in town making money with their amazing inspirational content. You need to post everyday, they say. But that’s not the real face of the matter. Your presence and activeness definitely makes a difference but posting everyday should not be taken as literal in context.

8.    Easy moneymaking through blogging

Blogging enables you make easy money. This myth can easily  put a blogger in anger. Its not always that easy to earn fortune through blogging. The quality of content, maintenance of the blog and marketing for getting traffic are not traits that can be done by any other one.

9.    Posts should have wide variety of topics

Variety always put good impact in a business. Its also a myth regarding blogs that they need to have varied topics from all over the world. But this is not the mandatory thing to be fulfilled. you need to keep up with your customers’ demands and their area of interest to get  them attracted. And that has nothing to do with variety.

10. You can do fine without social media activation

social media not needed

You think you can make it successful without social media interference in your business? It would not harm your blog in any way but to make it updated and get high number of visitors, you are compelled to keep connections with social media. You just cant ignore the spree of being popular within your social circles through media, it helps you achieve success.

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