10 Must To Have Online Resolutions In 2015


Looking back after the end of every year, we find a good many factors lacking within our lives. What makes us satisfied is a feeling that God has bestowed upon us another good year to make improvements and achieve what was left in the past year. All of us are already aware of trend of making New Year’s resolution. You can do it on entirely personal and individual level. Wait! Are you indulged with online jobs or internet markets? If you are an internet bud then you must have some regrets or guilt regarding your online activities. If there are not any, then also you are obliged to make some resolutions in this perspective. There is always something to be corrected and the margin for improvement is always existent in this field

Here are some best and most appropriate resolutions to make on the arrival of the New Year 2015, for all those internet buddies out there.

1. Avoid spamming

No spamming! No spamming at all! Whatever is the time or trend, spamming is always something to be avoided. If you are in a practice of sending irrelevant and undesired electronic messages then make a resolution to avoid this practice for next and other ongoing years.

2. Follow netiquette

Most of us start working on internet considering ourselves much efficient to deal with all the ups and downs. But you must learn all the netiquettes regarding online marketing on social media, advertising and web designing. That must be the most prior practice for your next year’s online assignments.

3. Avoid plagiarism

One evil factor that almost kills your efforts in content writing or blogging is plagiarism. Make a spontaneous resolution to avoid copying the material and have faith in being original.

4. Keep software and operating system updated

In recent past year, if you have countered issues regarding software updates or operating system being expired frequently, then take a deep breath and take an oath to yourself to keep your software up to date. This can be your best resolution in regard with convenience in your own tasks and accomplishing assignments with ease.

5. Keeping backup files

There are different failures that randomly take place including software or operating system failure, spyware infestation or power surge. As a result, you may suffer losing your files abruptly. Make a resolution to keep a record of making backup files regularly to avoid inconvenience.

6. Learning SEO skills

With growing online industry, the market requires perfection in almost every aspect. Try to perfect the field what you deal with. Keep updated with latest SEO skills and learn maximum optimization to keep your web link highlighted in the market.

7. Stop hacking

Here we come to the most consistent and the best New Year’s resolution for all the online workers. Say no to Hacking please! Whether you are designing websites or advertising, you must avoid the risk of hacking. It is always considered as a crime and you must work on eliminating this practice out of your routine.

8. Understanding policy and conditions before agreement

Nobody wants to be fooled, of course never, even once in lifetime. If you do not give attention towards the terms and conditions of a proposal before agreement, you can get yourself in trouble. Try to make 2014the last year to follow the practice of neglecting policy and conditions provided by a server.

9. Understand risk of security questions

Your system might show security questions regarding software updates or virus or anti-virus. We often ignore such dialog boxes and carry out our ongoing process. It can be a cause of damage at times for everything happens for a cause. Try to take actions accordingly over security questions for avoiding difficulties and fixing issues for future.

10. Building good relations with readers via comments

Most of the time, you just post or publish your stuff and move on, being indifferent of what your readers are up to. Keeping in friendly relations with your readers is one of the most beneficial practices that keep your blog or posts in lime light.

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  1. Great one. I personally hate spammers and those who copy contents of others work. By creating original contents, you are not only giving something to the blogging community but you will also be attracting tons of potential customers to your sites.

    Learning SEO skills is an on going process and it never ends. What I am doing currently new this year is leaving comments on other blogs to start engaging with others like you!

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