10 Must Follow Tips To Become a Smart Blogger

10 ways to become a smart bloggerBlogging is not about having a Google account and building up a free domain blog with blogger and posting any garbage on your blogs, No! In fact, being an entrepreneur is itself a multitasking, and when you choose blogging as your business, your responsibilities are doubled. As a blogger you have to fulfill two duties at the same time, first, mainly ensuring some decent earnings to meet up your living and secondly becoming most reliable source available on Internet for your readers.

However, what I have been coming across since my blogging journey started is, every single person, having an account on Google, creates a blogspot.com blog and calls him a blogger. There are certain ethics that are compulsory to follow when you are addressing readers from all around the world on your blog. It’s a fact that none of us can be a perfect writer, but what we can do to improve our level of writing is-to try; Try to meet up the basic requirements of a standard, well-written article.

Here are easy 10 tips that you will surely find useful in earning much more credibility for your content, from your readers. There is no technicality in these tips and are related to common linguistic, grammatical and silly mistakes.

1.  Make your point clearer to yourself first!

This lacks most of the time when you read a difficult, out of interest post on big sites and feel like sharing it on your blog too. For example, imagine the disaster I would create if I plan to write on Typhoid Vaccine, being a Computer Engineer. What happens is, sometimes the post we are targeting to, is totally out of our own niche. It is always a good practice to first understand the entire story yourself before you start writing about it. If you find one link difficult, explore more about it, you will get a place where things will be simpler to understand. Once you know what you have to write about, you will experience an internal command which will reflect your post externally.

When you have something to share with others then you must start with reading the matter, making notes and choosing your subjects wisely.

2. Right to-the-point

Bloggers, who know the importance of an ideal word count, suffer here the most. It’s true that your post’s length contributes a lot in Google search business, however, what good it would bring you if your potential reader is brought to your blog by search engines and he finds your post like a puzzle and straight away switches over to some other blog? See, Your readers want you to share the information as specifically as possible. Do not elaborate more than it’s actually required.

Your writing must be specific. You must write specific sentences as this will makes your writing more interesting.

3. Be Simple rather than being difficult

Your blog is equally visited by people with good vocabulary as well as people who do not have a command on strong vocabulary. Its evident that your readers are in no mood to consult dictionary always while reading your posts. Use simple words that can easily be read, pronounced and understood by your readers.

4. Work on Sentence building

Write short sentences, this lowers the chance of forgetting the grammar; secondly, your reader stays connected with your post in that way.

5. Difference between Active Passive Voice

I expect you to remember that these were the things taught to you in your secondary school. Utilize your knowledge to produce sentences in an active voice. For example, build sentences like, “I Write for Smart earning methods” rather than the passive voice, such as, “the posts on Smart earning methods are written by me.”

6. Adopt Short Para-technique

Keep your paragraphs short, this keeps the reader engaged in your content without making him bored. You need to understand that you are not writing a comprehenshion or a story, your post is read as an article. Avoid writing too long paragraphs and give reasons in points rather than stating all of them in a paragraph.

7. Choose Powerful words

Using words like very small, too large, etc. leaves an immature sense in your posts. Always use decisive words like Tiny, Great, Huge, etc.

8. Speak Only for Things you know

I have witnessed pride in many bloggers, who often show that in their posts; giving readers an impression that it is their blog and they can write anything they wish to. However, This makes them suffer the most. Always talk about things you are sure about so that readers start believing you and thus, become your regular readers.

9. Do Not Repeat

It happens sometimes that either to increase the word count or to give emphasis to a particular reason, bloggers often keep on revolving on a same point. It leaves a negative impression on readers, try not to repetitive in your posts. Keep them fresh.

10. Avoid Over writing

Once you follow the above stated nine points, you will see that there will be no need to point 10 to be implemented. Over writing your posts leaves an impression about you that you are a confused writer, who is not a man of his words. People slowly notice it and unfollow your blog.

That was all for now, hope these quick, yet effectives work out for you in giving you a professional touch as a blogger!

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  1. Hey sis, actually i’m blogging since i was 12 and now i’m 15.

    I wanna take it as a professional career and even my parents encourage me in this field.

    I’m currently working on “the Notebook”.

    I just wanted to know that is there a way through which i could earn even $2 a month because my adsense is disabled as I’;m not 18!

  2. Hi Nida,

    Thanks for the tips !!! Even I too wanna become successful blogger and this tips will really help me in way of becoming a successful and smart blogger.

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