10 Most Unhappiest Jobs in America!

Top 10 Unhappiest jobs in the worldLanding a good job is the dream of many. Hell, forget a dream job, landing just a job based on your skills is difficult these days. Many people end up in their respective fields because they heard it paid well, or that it is easy, or they followed someone into it. Those who came into it of their own interest, they are the ones who usually tend to be happy with their job. But the others aren’t always happy. We already know what the top 10 jobs in the world are at this time.But do you know what are the 10 unhappiest jobs? A latest survey by an online job-finder organization, CareerCast , has revealed the top 10 most unhappiest jobs one can have in America. Read on to find more.

About the survey

The survey is based on feedback from around more than a hundred thousand employees. They were asked to rate 10 factors that could effect work environment, including co-worker relationship, relations with the boss, pay scale, growth opportunities, resources etc. Each of these categories were to be rated on a scale of 5, and the total was computed. For a job to be considered, at least 50 employees were asked for feedback. In the end, a misery index was calculated based on which, the most unhappiest jobs were listed. The least score meaning the most miserable job.. Top executive jobs such as Chief Executive were excluded. Here’ the top 10 list.

10. Maintenance Supervisor

A maintenance supervisor oversees the maintenance of a building or a construction area. They often supervise the physical aspects to see whatever maintenance is required. Looks easy, but clearly, it isn’t.

Maintenence Supervisor

9. Marketing Director

A marketing director is in charge of the marketing in a company. It sounds like a well paying job, and it might be. But directing marketing campaigns is no walk in the park. One wrong move, and you lose your product’s worth. Perhaps that’s why it’s a strenuous and an unhappy job.

Marketing Director

8. Director of Sales

A bit like the marketing director job, but this department handles sales. Shipping out products, dealing with customers, handling refunds and cash-backs, and so on. These guys are at the brunt-end of marketing, where they take the hit if something goes wrong.

Sales Director

7. Marketing manager

A marketing manager works under a marketing director. His job is to oversee smaller projects in more detail. These guys are fired all the time, which makes the job very strenuous.

Marketing Manager

6. Program Manager

A program manager job lacks growth potential. The surrounding workplace support system, and culture of the companies they work for are usually the unhappiest aspect of the job. This job scored a score of 3.65 out of 5.

Program Manager

5. Product Manager

Product managers are in charge of the product a company produces. They also complain of the same things program managers complain of. In fact, both the jobs are tied at a score of 3.65!

Product Manager

4. Sales Engineer

With sales engineers, the worst part of the job is lack of compensation and support. Their opportunities are also rather limited. This job scored a 3.64, just a tad below product managers.

Sales Engineer

3. Teacher

Aah, the job that is respected, yet loathed at the same time! There’s always one teacher in everyone’s life that they hate :). But that’s not the reason why this job is at number 3. No. Although many teachers like their job, they aren’t paid very well. And there is a lack of compensation and growth potential, as there are few promotions available for teachers. A score of 3.59 for this job.


2. Registered Nurse

Nursing is one of the toughest jobs there is. With the constant care needed by patients, and the huge responsibility this job brings. Besides, night shifts and tough working hours don’t make nursing a very social job. And on top of that, there are few growth opportunities, and little compensation. The work environment isn’t great either. Nursing gets a score of 3.55.

Registered Nurse

1. Security Officer

And on top of our list (or should I say, at the bottom) is the job of a security guard or officer. A bad work environment and tough hours might be a factor, but the most dominant factors are lack of compensations and rewards, and little growth opportunities. Hence, this job scored 3.51 on the list, making it America’s  unhappiest job.

Security officer

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5 thoughts on “10 Most Unhappiest Jobs in America!”

    • I would really like to know what is the population surveyed…demographics, etc for this piece. It appears quite random to me as I know MANY nurses and teachers who are very satisfied with their chosen profession. I have been a Registered Nurse for 27 years and I have never regretted my choice of profession.

      • Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it 🙂
        You can learn more about the survey at careercast.com. This list came up on Forbes as well. I didn’t make it up, you know 🙂

        By the way, you are right. Teaching and nursing are both very respectable jobs. But thing is, while you might be satisfied, most others are not, especially in terms of growth opportunities and working conditions

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