10 Leaders Who Believe in Business Transparency

business transparencyThe Market today is all burdened with opportunities and at the same time, the competition between the companies that have established themselves are giving a serious competition to their rivals. While we encourage our readers to start up their own business, it is essential to present some role models for the new businessmen so that they find it easier to attain success. People often take their Business as a confidential thing where politics is a major game to play. At the same time, there are some great personalities in the market today that have build special name just because of their transparency in their niche.

Here are the 10 leaders who own real huge empires but their business is based on a complete trust on clients, employees and investors.

1. Rand Fishkin

Company: SEOmoz

Rand stands first here. He believes in being answerable to his company and recently he published his performance report. The Entire company share all of their failures and successes, which has promoted the ownership sense in the employers, resulting in a good productivity.

2. Jason Fried

Company: 37signals

Jason believes in letting their product users know about the services they provide, in fact, all about it. This works like a magic to enhance the smoothness of the employee-client relationship.

3. Jim Whitehurst

Company: Red Hat

Red Hat offers a strong forum that works as a social network to facilitate communication about major issues or any other topic that should be openly discussed.

4. Brandon Dempsey

Company: goBRANDgo!

It is worth praising that Brandon’s company post its financials on the wall in their office. The company share Profit, revenue, cash account balances, credit card balances, payroll, lines of credit, expenses, and other technicalities that are hidden from the employees of an organization.

5. Tony Hsieh

Company: Zappos

The company recently highlights its tweet that was about the official mal, been sent to the employees about facilities.

6. Jordan Guernsey

Company: Molding Box

Jordan believes in the idea of giving people a second chance. Making things transparent to the public let customers know about the company more and they start following it more.

7. Brad Feld

Company: Foundry Group

Feld went so far in exposing his life that he shared all about him on an open forum on his personal page. All things one would like to know about him, are available there. Not only this, but with his consent, his investors are allowed to talk openly about their deals in public.

8. Pat Flynn

Company: Smart Passive Income

It is really finding out a black sheep out of many whites, when it comes to trustable internet marketers, who believe in sharing their policies with their followers. Pat shares how much he earns from products, advertising, highlighting how he has succeeded and failed in his career.

9. Jason Goldberg

Company: Fab

Jason is undoubtedly a person with courage. Ben emerged from a gay social network; he succeeded in becoming a retail phenomenon. Jason consistently corresponds with his customers to build lasting trust.

10. Andy Levine

Company: Development Counselors

The reports that are often released by some companies stated above are boring and dry for employees who hardly want to know more than what is either related to them or can be beneficial. This Company creates a monthly game that speaks about the company’s entire financial picture in front of each staff member. The company also shares its profit with its stakeholders with 30% of this profit is then distributed across the company, depending upon the productivity of each employee.

Gaining reliability as an organization is a significant need for the owners. However, the policies might differ, depending on the individuals, but offering a transparency of your business after reaching a certain level in the business is another way to increase the productivity!


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