10 International Organizations That Pay Billions to Pakistan

International Organizations That Pay Billions to PakistanThe stability in the economic conditions of a country is a proof of progress and prosperity of that country. The economic and financial stats of a country says it all about it. Unfortunately, when it comes to Pakistan, we would always find its economy facing serious issues and passing through different crisis. It is unquestionably a dependent country which can not survive without involvement of international organizations whether government or non-governmental.

There are many of them already providing their assistance in this regard. Ten of the organizations are listed below. Have a look!

1.    World Bank/ IMF

3. world bank IMF

International Monetary Fund or in other words, World Bank is found to be on the top place of our list. IMF has been affiliated with Pakistan for a long time in order to provide financial help and support to the country at the time of need. It provides huge loans to Pakistan and its services in securing financial stability and reducing poverty are phenomenal.

2.    UNHCR


United Nations High Commissioner Refugees mainly aims to protect and resolve refugees’ problems in Pakistan. Since 2002, UNHCR has played a major role in returning 3.8 million registered Afghans from Pakistan.

3.    IOM- Pakistan

International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been handling the migration issues and keeping it managed to a good level since its foundation in 1951. It promotes assistance and cooperation to resolve the migration problems by means of providing funds and other services.

4.    UNDP Pakistan

 6. undp pakistan

United Nations Development Program (UNDP), as the name indicates works for the development and growth in different areas of the country. It is affiliated with UN and it is involving government and public to recognize the problems and facilitate the improving livelihoods and resilience in the country.

5.    European Commission Relations

 7. european commission relations pakistan

This is one of the best representative of the relation of Pakistan with European Union. It dates back to 1974 since when EU has been in cooperation with Pakistan. There has been an agreement between both on political cooperation, human rights, security, trade and energy.

6.    USAID, Pakistan

8. usaid pakistan

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is very close to Pakistan (economic issues of Pakistan). It is a support for Pakistan at the time of emergency or disaster by providing financial assistance to the country. Other than that, the aim of USAID is to keep the economy stable and remove the factors resulting in poverty in Pakistan.

7.    UNIDO Pakistan

 9. unido pakistan

Industries have always been one of the integral part of the economy of Pakistan. United Nations Industrial Development Organization emphasizes the need to eliminate poverty from Pakistan and help the country with financial assistance to bring it out of the current economic crisis.

8.    ILO Pakistan

10 ilo pakistan

International Labor Organization is one of the agencies belonging to United Nations. It has been prominent in dealing with the labor issues, providing employment and securing jobs all over the world and also specifically in Pakistan.

9.    WWF

11. wwf

World Wide Fund for nature Pakistan is a popular international organization that is known to spend huge money in Pakistan. WWF provides assistance in making Pakistan a country with good and healthy environment and solving its environmental issues of all kinds.

10.  Muslim Aid Pakistan

 12. muslim aid pakistan

Muslim Aid is last on our list but its aims and achievements are countless in regard with providing assistance to Pakistan. It works for eliminating causes for poverty and providing, justice, dignity and empowerment to the individuals of a community.

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