10 Interesting Facts about a Popular Car Company – Ford

10 Interesting Facts about a popular car company - FordCars have become a basic necessity for all the people around the world. Automobile is no more a luxury, it is an everyday need or all. However, there are some cars which depict luxury and extravaganza. One such luxury car company is Ford.

It is a very popular and luxury car company which rules the automobile world. It has been a pioneer and founder of large-scale manufacturing and has a very good will in the industry. To learn more about Ford and some awesome cars, have a look at the Ford!


Ford – a Popular Car Company


Ford - a Popular Car Company

Ford Motor Company, also known as Ford, is an American multinational automaker founded by Henry Ford. It sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the brand name Ford and luxury cars under the brand Lincoln. Initially, it used to produce tractors, heavy trucks and automotive components as well. It has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, US and is controlled by the Ford family who has a minority ownership.

It is known to be the second-largest US based automaker and the fifth-largest in the world terms on vehicle sales. By 2010, it has become the fifth largest automaker in Europe. According to the Fortune 500 list of 2010, it was ranked as the eighth American based company.

It has been the pioneer of large-scale manufacturing of cars and large-scale management of an industrial work force. It used all the engineered manufacturing sequences and led to the term ‘Fordism’ by 1914 because of all these methods. It has been manufacturing Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo and Mercury brand in the beginning.

Current Statistics:



Revenue Generated in 2012: $134.25 billion

Operating income: $7.72 billion

Net income: $5.66 billion

Total assets: $190.55 billion

Employees: 164,000

Divisions: Ford, Lincoln and Motor crafts

10 Interesting Facts about Ford


Ford Facts

1) It is the fifth largest car company in the world with respect to the number of cars manufactured.

2) The Ford Motor Company is the world’s largest family-owned business.

3) Since the time Henry Ford retired from his CEO position all subsequent CEO’s are direct relatives.

4) The GT40 is the company’s famous race car and it has won the Le Mans car race 4 times in succession which spans around 24 hours.

5) The GT40 is one of the world’s most well-known race cars and is only 40 inches high which makes it perfect to be a race car.

6) Henry Ford was the inventor of the assembly line concept in car manufacturing. He is the pioneer of large-scale manufacturing of cars and large-scale management of an industrial work force.

7) It has become the owner of the Lincoln Motor Company in 1925 which is the company’s luxury car line. Lincoln is the popular ‘Town Car’.

8) Initially, the overseas company was launched in Manchester England in 1911 which went by the name of Ford of Britain.

9) In 1907, the oval blue Ford label badge was introduced for the first time.

10) The first model released by Ford was the Model A however, Model T contributed to the success of the company.

Ford Details

Company Type: Public
Industry: Automotive
Founded on: 16th June 1903
Founded by: Henry Ford
Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan, U.S
Products: Automobiles, Automotive parts, Services, Automotive Finance, Vehicle Leasing, Vehicle Service.

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