10 Holy Places To Visit On Earth in 2016

Holy Places To Visit On Earth in 2016The best investment you can make for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment is travelling. Travelling world’s amazing places is an experience that is worth it. You must be astonished to know that there is also an option for you to visit sacred places containing rich religious heritage once in your life. Surprised ? you must have not thought to do this before but have a look on the top ten places in the list, your mind would make it up itself to show up on these spots.

1.    Mecca, Saudi Arabia

3. mecca saudi arabia

The most sacred and Holy city in the Islamic faith, Mecca is the first place on the list to be witnessed in your life. For Muslims, it is mandatory to visit once in the life time. It is also the birth place of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W and the holiest site of Islam- Kaaba resides in this city. It is exclusively available to visit for Muslims only.

2.    Jerusalem, Israel

4. jerusalem israel

Jerusalem is another prominent name in the sacred places of the world to visit. It is a city in Israel and its sacredness is believed by followers of three Abrahamic faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Apart from different conflicts between Palestine and Israel, the city witnesses an annual footfall of millions of followers from these beliefs.

3.    Vortexes, Arizona

5. vortexes arizona

The red rock formation of Arizona comprising of four vortex points needs to be witnessed once in a life time. It is believed sacred by Yavapai, an ancient American Tribe. They believe that these vortexes were created by spiraling spiritual energies.

4.    Glastonbury Tor, England

6. glastonbury-tor

A beautiful hill located in the English county of Somerset, Glastonbury Tor is the next sacred place to visit. According to Celtic Legend, the hill housed the entrance to home of Celtic King of fairies.

5.    Mount Sinai, Egypt


Renowned history from the pages of Christianity, Islam and Judaism when Moses had spoken to God and received the 10 commandments! It is the Mount Sinai where the event took place. The story is mentioned in three scared books. It is located in Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

6.    Mount Kailash, Tibet

7.mount kailash tibet

Mount Kailash in Tibet is a beautiful yet a sacred place to visit in the coming years. Its unconquered peak is considered to be too dangerous and believed a holy ground by four religions: Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

7.    Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey

9.sultan ahmed mosque

Residing in the territory of a historical city of Istanbul, Sultan Ahmed Mosque also known as Blue Mosque is the next place on our list. The majestic structure of the mosque attracts the tourist insight and followers’ belief to visit the Holy place at least once in a life time.

8.    Cenote Sagrado, Mexico

10. Cenote sagrado mexico

The Cenote Sagrado literally meant as “sacred well” is a place located in the Mayan Archeological site, Chichen Itza in Mexico. the sacredness of water believed in many religions make this place a scre done and people come here to cleanse themselves, gives sacrifices and worship Chaac( mayan God of rain).

9.    Bodh Gaya, India

11. bodh gaya india

Bodh Gaya is a Buddhist Pilgrimage site located in India. It is considered as the most sacred religious places for all the Buddhists. Although majority of the Indians follow Hinduism but this one comes from a minority of Buddhists. It is believed that Prince Gautama Sidharta rested here and got enlightenment.

10. Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia

12. Kata Tjuta

Preserved by Unesco, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is found in Northern Territory of Australia as one of the world’s sacred places to visit. The beautiful scenery of two natural rock formation in the red center makes the

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