10 Haram Businesses to Start Online


10 Haram Businesses to Start OnlineYou must be wondering what the point of discussing the illegal or haram ways to earn money online is. Yes? There is a strong need of making people (specially those who are working online) realize the need to know that there is not all stuff that apparently looks charming in order to earn money online is genuine or authentic. For all those Muslims who want to keep their accounts clear by earning transparent and white money by halal ways should be careful and avoid a great many online businesses which come under the category of Haram according to Islamic Jurisprudence.

1.    Online Interest Money

You must have come across a large number of sites offering a multiplier to your daily income or money you generate online. Many of these platforms come with genuine procedures which keep the interest free money exchange or transaction in consideration. But there are many websites that allow you to get interest on your money that you invest or earn. Just beware of such businesses.

2.    Running Gambling Sites

running gambling haram

The development in technology has also changed the gambling ways. The online gambling has caught roots on internet as well popular as igambling. There are websites for video lottery terminals, keno and scratchcards that appeal the betting bees terribly.

3. Selling Fake Degrees or Certificates

This is one more haram business that you should avoid to start or be involved with. There are many software houses or firms online providing fake diplomas and degrees to students affiliated with their platform. They use the name of renowned institutes and centers and cheat students by taking a huge money from them and selling a fake document to them.

4.    Paid to Click Sites

You must not be unaware of PTC business online. Infact this one attracts the most when it comes to earn a huge money by just clicking on required icon or ad that is desired by company you are working for. This might not be considered in haram for all sites but mostly you come across advertising gambling sites or pornographic sites that make the whole business haram.

5.    Running Pornographic Websites or Advertising

A huge online market that is strictly prohibited in Islam and also in many states following Islam as religion is pornography. There is a clear guidance to keep away from any such kind of business in Islam. Whatever is the worth of money you get out of it, just avoid it and any related thing like marketing or advertising such kind of website.

6.    Alcohol Business Online

alcohol haram

Since Islam doesn’t allow Alcohol as halal stuff to drink, it is also prohibited to sell or advertise any such product. You just keep yourself away from its business as well.

7.    Sharing Torrents Without Copyrights

Any kind of videos or books are available on internet. There are websites or individuals making use of them and share their torrents by stealing the material from original websites. That is a kind of fraud and definitely comes in Haram list of businesses.

8.    Running Sites on Gags

There are websites which use the videos or pictures to do pranks for funny or illegal stuff. There are also video mms scandals that can appear as a result of such activities. Just try to avoid it if you want to make your income ways halal.

9.    Uploading Videos Without Copyrights

Recording videos from any internet source and uploading them by your name without having copyrights to that video is also illegal in Islam.

10. Plagiarism In Content Writing

Plagiarism haram

If you are creating content by your own then there can be no better online job than this. But if you start plagiarizing content and copying stuff from others without giving any reference or idea about the original creator of that stuff, that surely makes your business haram one.

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  1. Hi,
    Good one. Most of the newbies who wish to make money online falls into one of these traps. Also, creating mp3 download or movie downloads are the one increasing now which are made mostly by newbies.

  2. Hello Nida,

    The concept is too good, but it needs some more explanations. So people can understand and examine their business model, It’s a Sadqah e Jariya, i really appreciate it. We must educate people about this, as now a days i can see people are earning a lot of money, and mostly are doing these kind of business like video sharing websites and gag sites. Thanks for writing on this topic.



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