10 Forbidden Ways to Earn Living in Islam

10 Forbidden Ways to Earn Living in IslamBeing a human, there are about 70% of the total population of the world who are following some religion. Islam the third largest religion on earth and its followers are found spread all over the world, doing commendable job in al most every field. However, when it comes to Islam, there are found some limitations in making money and Muslims are required to limit their earning strategy because like other religions, Islam promotes the concept of Halal earning, prohibiting the evil ways of making money.

Here are 10 forbidden ways to earn living in Islam, have a look!

Cheating On Someone

Cheating On  Someone forbidden way to earn in Islam

Adapting fraudulent business tactics have never helped anybody and Islam too gives us the teachings of fair and honorable trading The Messenger of Allah has also demanded the believers not to cosset in duplicitous and deceitful practices in business transactions.

Telling Lie And Getting Business

Telling Lie And Getting Business forbidden way to earn in Islam

Devious and vague transactions in business and trading is prohibited in Islam and so telling lies in order to get your merchandises sold put has also been forbidden and Islam has asked its believers to abstain from such actions.

Bank Investments

Bank Investments forbidden way to earn in Islam

Getting your money saved up in banks and then getting sood from that money is also haram in Islam and the believers have been asked to strictly withhold from it. Islam ascribes great standing to the completion of contract and potentials. Islamic traditions require a Muslim trader to keep up his beliefs, capacities and agreements.

Not Fulfilling Given Tasks

Not Fulfilling Given Tasks forbidden way to earn in Islam

Any service which is non-existent or not deliverable is not permissible to be conducted. A pact must be obvious with esteem to the privileges and responsibilities of the parties concerned so that it does not lead to quarrels and divergences between them.

Selling Alcohol

Selling Alcohol forbidden way to earn in Islam

Drinking alcohol is haram in Islamic teachings and those who sell such stuff to their Muslim bothers are also convicted in this case since selling haram foodstuff is reported as an illegitimate thing to do.

Storing Crops To Make Sales Later

Storing Crops To Make Sales Later forbidden way to earn in Islam

The Arabic word for hoarding is Ihtikar and this is an undeserved repetition and a vibrant case of manipulation and justifiably predestined by Islam.

Selling Haram Items

Selling Haram Items forbidden way to earn in Islam

Forbidden is the meat of the animal that has been executed or slaughtered in conducts other than Islamic. It is, therefore, not allowable for a Muslim to craft in dead meat. Equally, exchange in pork or intoxicants are not tolerable in Islam.

Sales Of Al-Gharar

Sales Of Al-Gharar forbidden way to earn in Islam

This denotes to the transaction of a service or good which is not extant at hand; or the sale of an article or good, the penalties or outcome of which is not yet recognized.


Al-Najsh forbidden way to earn in Islam

The span Al-Najsh capitals an act in which a being proposes an extraordinary price for something, deprived of intentions to purchase it, but just to rogue or deceive another person who really means to buy it.

Selling Stolen Goods

Selling Stolen Goods forbidden way to earn in Islam

It is not permitted for a Muslim to meaningfully procurement or sell stolen items.


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  1. I add a few more to the list ,

    All people doing invalid clicks on ads and are being paid for clicks , It is a haram earning. As you are stealing the advertiser’s money ,

    All people working on Bollywood and explicit websites , That is considered unlawful in Islam as it is like spreading fawahish (Shamelessness).

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