10 Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

clip_image015.jpgWhat’s new in the market? What’s the upcoming trend in wearing? What would be the latest hairstyle in coming days? All these what’s’ are somehow directly related to the fashion industry which has been growing for years at a massive rate throughout the world. All one needs is to have a know-how of what in and what’s out. With this distinction, some of the fashion brands have made a phenomenal reputation in the fashion market of today and rising with the changing trends and styles. Also, justifying all what’s, whys and how’s, their official websites provide the latest information about the changing trends. Some of the most popular fashion websites among the people are given in the list. let’s check this out!


Boss Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Hugo Boss’s official website is one of the most visited fashion websites of 2014. As the brand itself is a phenomenal fashion brand , its website also provides the online shopping facility of men’s suits, luxury watches, bags and perfumes. It has recently become the pioneers of the developing fashion brands.

Emploi NY

Emploi NY Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Emploi New York, being a brand entirely for women provides elegant and stylish office dresses for the working women. Its official website is in the list of most famous fashion websites with all the facilities available in it. It provides a perfect guideline about the brand and the buyers’ rate of visiting tells us that this website is very accurate and updated one.

Boucheron Paris

Boucheron Paris Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Located in Paris, Boucheron is a jewelry shop, renowned for its elegant and stylish jewelry. But for people all around the world, its website serves as a blessing. In the year 2014, Boucheron Paris’s official website has gained a massive rise in the number of visits of the users. It provides all the key features of the brand perfectly.


Versace Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Versace being one of the biggest fashion brands all over the world, keeps its official website updated with the changing fashion trends and styles. This website stands along with the most famous fashion websites of the world providing best of Versace collection of bags, perfumes, watches and shoes. It also features the option of online selling and buying market that attracts its users’ attention much more towards the brand.


Prada Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Prada is one great name in the fashion brands of the fashion industry. Its official website is one best source to get updated with the new arrivals and the changing trends of this brand. Its handbags, watches, bags, glasses, perfumes have gained a massive popularity among some of the biggest names of the fashion industry. The online shopping is also serving best of its services and customers are satisfied with all its facilities provided in the website.


Ballentyne Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Ballantine’s official website as ‘ballentynes fashion central’ features all the products given under this brand with perfect description and accurate knowledge of the item. It includes coats, denims, cardigans, shoes and jackets with all varieties of these items in different stores all around the world. Also, it provides the online shopping option which provides convenience to the customers and makes it one of the most famous fashion websites of the charts of 2014.


Armani Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Armani fashion brand is an Italian fashion house that started off with its clothing assets and gained so much popularity that it began to launch perfumes, men’s grooming products, skincare products besides the clothing expertise. Official website of Armani fashion is a pathway to get introduced to it and brings a massive increase in the customers’ of this brand.

Lola New York

Lola New York Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Lola fashion is itself an online fashion brand of jewelry and clothing. It features jewelry of precious and elegant works which include earrings, rings, necklaces, trendy bracelets and other accessories. With one of the most attractive features, this website catches the attention of its customers and makes it the most famous fashion websites in 2014. Its fast service of buying and selling makes it unique among other websites.


Gucci Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Gucci’s fashion website icons all the latest collection of ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and accessories. With the exquisite rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry for a unique look for women to the superior quality shoes, sunglasses and Swiss made watches for men; Gucci provides it in high quality with best price. Free shipping is also what attracts people towards these items all over the world. With its amazing quality, best designs and perfect modeling campaigns that are featured in its website, Gucci is now seen as one of the most famous, successful, and easily recognizable fashion brands in the world.


Diesel Most Famous Fashion Websites Of 2014

Diesel fashion brand provides jeans, clothing, bags, shoes and watches which are available on its official website with all details and description of each item with prices. This website stands in the list of most famous fashion websites since the brand itself is one of the biggest fashion brands all around the world.


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