10 Most Famous Event Planners in the world

famous event plannersEvent planning is certainly not a task which can be performed by all. From the catering to the decoration, from the speeches to the reception, from the serving to the cleaning, event planning surely demands much of oneโ€™s time, exposure and effort.

Here are 10 most famous event planners in the world who are known for their talent in the said field.

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1)Stefanie Cove, Yifat Oren & Associates

The party is always on when it comes to Hollywood at the beginning and that is where these two steps in. They are responsible for the exclusive extravaganza wedding decoration of Reese Witherspoon and the gorgeous and beauty with brain Natalie Portman’s wedding too. They surely know the exact usage of space, lights, flower and glamour and so can turn dessert in a spring.

2)Linle Froeb, LJF Events

linle froeb

She is based in California but seriously, really talented when it comes to event organizing. Initially starting with party organizing for local banks, and now Miss. Grebe has reached up to the standards of the intercontinental party organizer. Her firm offers trip to different countries in private jets to multi millionaire executives with dinners and stay in queens hatch. She is famous for the uniqueness of her party designs and that is why she managed to decorate a bucket ballroom under the sea.

3)Charlotte Wolseley Brinton, Event Fusion, London

Charlotte Wolseley Brinton

Her First event was the 50th birthday of Lloyd Webber which was crafted so beautifully that people had to accept the genius and beautiful hands behind the event which was of Charlotte. Since then there has been no turning back for her and past two years she has been arranging a summer party at the serpentine Gallery the best party of the summer.

4)David Monn, New York

david monn

A gem dealer and former accessories designer turned himself into an event planer on the advice of his dear friend. It’s been ten years has in the business and known to be one of the best when it comes to creativity and luxury combined together. He planned the 2,500-guest reopening of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel and that’s not all he surely knows how to make the state guest’s happiness and he was the man behind arranging grand dinner for Mexico president and also arranged the premier party for the movie The Ladykillers.

5)Debi Lilly, A Perfect Event, Chicago

Rothschild - Mcakey

Chicago seems to be all in good hands as long as parties are arranged by Debi. She covers mainly Chicago however she moves with them too. One of her remarkable event was on air birthday party for Oprah Winfrey. She is loved by party lovers and even by pilots too and that is the reason was chosen to plan a part of retiring pilot. She is delicate, well crafted and famous for catering the need of the clients up to the best level she could.

6)Bryan Rafanelli, Rafanelli Events, Boston

bryan rafanelli

He is the man trusted by Clinton family to marry off their daughter is the daughter of Bill and Hilary Clinton. He is a top tier trusted event planner and often asked by state departments for his services to accomplish diplomatic ties and agendas with just a few bucks spent upon exotically a range parties. He is famous for his charm and caring nature no wonder he is found bringing wedding cakes personally at times just to keep up his charms.

7)Jennifer Bassett, Bassett Events, Toronto

The true party thrower can also be a hardcore party planner provided by Jennifer when she transformed an athleticย  complex into an upscale dining room and concert venue and that’s not all it was a party of 400 people all close friends of her. She is the daughter of John Basset founder of Baton Broadcasting however she herself have proved her worth of being a successful woman with great intellectual power.

8)Steve Kemble, Dallas

steve kemble

His fortune turned into gold when he was hired to bring the Statue of Liberty into limelight again. He threw events organized parties nationwide to generate support and then he left no stone unturned to reach the skies of success. He is a true Texan and opening a stadium in taxes for the community. From 400 to 50000 person party he sure knows how to gather people and make them enjoy Texan way.

9)Karla Dascal, KARLA Conceptual Event Experiences, Miami

karla dascal

A planner with diversity won’t be wrong to be said about Karla who can arrange parties like sweet 16 birthdays to corporate level high official extravaganza party. Famous for her hand with flower she is often seen being requested to give her a beautiful touch of flowers in the party and that’s how her firm grew by leaps and bounds. Her clients include Louis Vuitton and Ferrari and she manages to impress a billionaire business man by organizing his birthday party with private planes, tarmac and yes models dressed in air-traffic controllers directing guests.

10)Preston Bailey

preston bailey

He is famous among celebrities with his sense of luxury lifestyle. He has ability to transform anything from ordinary to extraordinary by his skills and skillful mind. his clients include Donald Trump, Joan Rivers and yes the adventurous Uma Thurman. He is is asked by many hotels to design their parties and has been a prominent doer of many.

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