10 most famous banks in Pakistan in 2014

 Build bankBanking in Pakistan has gradually grown really big and the country now covers a large number of population in terms of employment, thanks to the private banks that are now making some good business within the country. There was a time when people of Pakistan had limited choices for banking but there has been seen a drastic change in the banking sector since 1990s. Here are 10 most famous Banks in Pakistan that enjoy a good reputation and market value other than foreign banks in 2014.

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1. Allied Bank

Allied Bank famous Pakistani Bank

Since: 1974

Branches: over 830

Australasia Bank, established in 1942 was the first Muslim bank of the subcontinent which later merged with other banks and changed its name to Allied Bank. Earlier it was affiliated with the public sector and was privatized in 1991. Allied Bank offers commodity operations, loan services, hajj services etc.

2. Bank Al Falah

Bank Al Falah famous Pakistani bank

Since: 1997

Branches: over 471

Bank Al Falah is owned by Abu Dhabi group and is a private bank offering services for commercial banking. Its functions also include Corporate banking, Electronic banking, Consumer banking and treasury and investment.

3. Askari Bank

Askari Bank famous Pakistani bank

Since: 1991

Branches: over 222

Askari Bank has its headquarters in Rawalpindi and over 222 branches spread throughout the country. It offers Islamic banking, Consumer banking, Agriculture banking and Corporate and investment banking.

4. Faysal Bank

Faysal Bank famous Pakistani bank

Since: 1994

Branches: over 260

Faysal Bank is considered amongst the top ten banks of Pakistan providing services in Islamic banking, Corporate banking, Retail banking and Commercial banking.

5. Habib Bank

Habib Bank famous Pakistani bank

Since: 1941

Branches: over 1450

It was established by the Habib family to serve the muslim community of India. The bank has played a vital role in managing the funds for the establishment of Pakistan. Habib Bnak offers all the basic range of banking services to its customers.

6. First Women Bank

first women bank famous Pakistani bank

Since: 1989

Branches: over 41

First Women Bank of Pakistan is the vision of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. It is run and managed by women and its objective is to help the women at all levels of economic activity so that they can contribute to the country with their own businesses.

7. Zarai Taraqiati Bank

ZTBL famous Pakistani Bank

Since: 1961

Branches: over 373

ZTBL is owned by the public sector and was initially established to promote modern methods of agriculture in the country. Now the bank is also providing its services in One window operation and Micro credit schemes.

8. MCB Bank

MCB famous Pakistani bank

Since: 1947

Branches: over 1193

MCB Bank was formed in 1947 and was later nationalized in 1974. It was established to provide facilities in banking and finance to the business community of South Asia. Currently the bank is providing services in insurance, banking, textile and cement industry.

9. National Bank of Pakistan

NPB famous Pakistani Bank

Since: 1949

Branches: over 1280

National Bank of Pakistan is one of the largest commercial banks operational in the country. It is owned by the public sector and has diversified its role in business. Special schemes like loans to students, self employment, and finance for agriculture are introduced to counter unemployment in the country.

10. Soneri Bank

Soneri Bank famous Pakistani bank

Since: 1992

Branches: over 233

Soneri Bank is a mid size commercial bank of Pakistan owned by the private sector. It offers Retail banking, Corporate and investment banking and Islamic banking services.

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