10 Countries That Do Not Celebrate Christmas At All


Countries That Do Not Celebrate Christmas At AllEvery country at any part of the world has its own culture, rituals and traditions. All these things are highly influenced by the religion followed by majority of the population. Christmas, as we all know, as an event particular for Christians of the world. Its celebrations are not confined to only Christian countries though. But there are some countries where no official holiday is observed and 25th December passes a just another day of the year. Just have a look!

1.    Saudi Arabia

1. saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the most conservative Muslim countries of the present world. Also it is the hub of all the Muslim rituals which are being followed according to the Islamic jurisprudence. No Christmas celebrations are witnessed here since they do not follow any activity which is not a part of Islam.

2.    Iran

2. iran

Christmas does not come up as an official event in Iran. Though it comes at a minor level and things like Christmas tree, gift sales and food items can be seen all over the streets of Iran. The young generation is much more observant in this regard and take part in the celebrations.

3.    Pakistan

3. pakistan

Pakistan is yet another country which claim to reflect the true follower of Islam and avoid any event or ritual that is against their belief. Christmas is celebrated as the day of birth of Jesus who is considered as the son of God and this concept is completely contradictory to the Muslim’s belief. So there are no official celebrations of Christmas in Pakistan.

4.    China

Chenghuang Temple Fair at Night

China is a country where majority of the people are the follower of Buddhism. That makes the Christmas as an unofficial occasion in this country. But if you come out and roam around the streets at the eve of Christmas, you would be amazed to see the decorations and the preparations of the event by the people on their own level.

5.    Turkey

5. turkey

Turkey again is strongly a Muslim country but at the same time it is famous for its religious tolerance. That doesn’t mean that Christmas is an official event in the country but you can see astounding sites and beautiful decorations mainly in Istanbul on the eve of Christmas.

6.    Japan

6. japan

Japan is not a Christian country by religion. Majority of the population follows Buddhism. That makes Christmas an unofficial event and no public holiday is observed on behalf of Christmas. But the warm hearts of Japanese are ready to decorate their places like anything. Exchange of gifts and dinners and parties are also seen.

7.    Morocco

7. morocco

Morocco has been considered as another Muslim populated country and the day of Christmas passes just another day over here. There are no official or even unofficial celebrations in Morocco other than beautiful lanterns being lighted on the streets of Marrakech.

8.    UAE

8. UAE

United Arab Emirates find it disappointing to not have a public holiday on Christmas and it being an unofficial event in the country. This is because the marvelous celebrations in Dubai and Sharjah on the eve are something that bring the tourists to come over here and enjoy.

9.    Israel


The majority of the population in Israel is the followers of Judaism. It is quite coincidental that one of the public and official holiday in Israel on the name of Hanukah clashes with the day of Christmas. Though there are no official celebrations in Israel on the name of Christmas.

10.North Korea

Countries That Do Not Celebrate Christmas At All

In North Korea, one can see official restrictions to any celebration on Christmas. According to the official policies, no one is allowed to do any parties or decorations on Christmas. Their celebrations and public holiday are only confined to the day of birth of Kim 2




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