10 Countries That Do Not Celebrate Christmas 2017

Countries where christmas is not celebrated

While jingle bells are ringing all around the world and people are excited to celebrate Christmas festivity the best way they can, there are some countries that for some or other reasons do not celebrate this event. Either these countries are prohibited to celebrate Christmas or there is a religious difference regarding the concept behind celebrating Christmas. it is also a fact that Christmas has become a secular holiday but some of the countries do not find it legitimate to celebrate Christmas for cultural and religious differences.

There is a list of ten countries that do not celebrate Christmas in 2017.



Japan, being a non Christian country, does not celebrate Christmas officially and therefore it comes at the first place on our list. In Tokyo, there is certainly a formal kind of celebration just to respect the eve but since it is not a Christian country by religion, there is no particular celebration on the name of Christmas.

This does not mean that people in Japan passes their last month of the year without any exciting celebrations as that in other countries. They do celebrate it in their own cultural and traditional way. Lovers are out for dining, kids become lucky to grab their gifts and families themselves celebrate the last month by visiting and partying.

2. Pakistan

2. pakistan

Pakistan is the next country that we have on our list where Islam is practiced officially as state religion. The concept of Christmas is way too dissimilar from that in Islam. Also, difference in culture and tradition also has a great influence on celebration of Christmas. but the major reason that cannot be neglected is religion. But all Pakistani Muslims respect the great occasion and the holy month for Christian.

3. Saudi Arabia

3.saudi arabia

If you belong to Christianity and somehow you have to spend your Christmas in Saudi Arabia then you are definitely in trouble. Saudi Arabia strictly prohibits the celebration of this occasion and at times considered as a conservative country in this regard.

People are not even allowed to buy items and exchange gifts. Police of the country becomes active during December to stop the activities in this regard. Malls and marts are not allowed to keep any stuff related to Christmas otherwise they are accountable to justify their activity.

4. Iran


Thousand years ago, Iran was from Persia that makes it impossible for Iran to ignore Christmas completely. But officially there is no celebration of Christmas that makes it difficult for people to commemorate the event fully. With the passage of time, the trend of celebrating Christmas has been increasing especially in youth of Iran. They follow the trends of sharing happiness on Christmas by presenting gifts to each other and decorating streets with Christmas stuff.

5. Morocco


Morocco is another Muslim country on our list with the same religious differences that do not allow it to celebrate Christmas. You can slightly find the lights and decorations in some areas of Morocco but it is not an official holiday for Christmas so it becomes a challenging task to fully enjoy the celebration in this regard as well.

6. Turkey


The population of turkey is predominantly Muslim. So Christmas is not a major holiday. But Turks are highly tolerant regarding religion and do not let the spirits of Christians go down on their mega event. There are different venues in Istanbul where Christmas sales in shops can be seen. Also people enjoy by decorating some areas with bright lights and Christmas trees. But on national level, the day of Christmas just passes as another ordinary day.

7. Algeria


In Algeria, 99% population belongs to Islam. Being completely indifferent on this huge occasion of Christians is their way of expressing their devotion to Islam. Anyone celebrating Christmas in Algeria would be considered as much weird that takes the soul to high level of awkwardness. But it does not stop the Christian who are in minority to celebrate their occasion. They are free to celebrate in the best way they can.

6. China


China must be mentioned in the list of not celebrating Christmas officially on a national level only. This is due to the outstanding decoration of streets and different venues and lights on the streets. People are allowed to express their happiness in any way they want. Shops start flooding with Christmas stuff and gift items to present on Christmas. It can be inferred that celebrating happiness is the other name of celebrating Christmas keeping religious differences aside, in China.

9. Maldives


There are 99% Muslims in Maldives, so it is quite evident that Christmas celebrations are kind of weird in this country. But it is again not horribly banned or prohibited to share happiness among each other and respecting Christian minority by giving them space. Christians do celebrate Christmas in Maldives by going to visit beaches and scuba diving is one of the most liked venues on Christmas.



Are you eager to see the celebrations of Christmas in the most amazing way? But wait you are in Nepal? Forget your dream of doing so because in Nepal Christmas is no more than another day of the year. People sleep on their time as usual. They are not even known of the fact that somewhere around the corners of the world in 2017, people are getting crazy and the cities are burning with the light of happiness and fireworks.