10 Companies Which Have Shut Down By 2014

Companies Which Have Shut Down By 2014Human life is always prone to changes and when it comes to business, one can surely expect anything, anytime. A single wrong decision can bring the entire empire down while a wise decision can turn a business really successful.

Here are 10 of those unfortunate companies which have shut down by 2014. Have a look!

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Shut down in 2014

In the past few months they were continuously being impacted by the governmental shutdown and after their entire cessation they are estimating impact of about 20 million dollars from the lessening in government related travel and are now being deduced that the profits of the fares per seat available will be up about 1% point.

US Airways:

US Airways compay shut down in 2014

Their shutdown during the year had an impact both ways including leisure as well as business requests though greater effects were seen on the business demand. During the last week of October and starting weeks of September the rate of close in bookings were down by 12%.

DeVry University

DeVry Universty shut down in 2014

The major factor responsible for the shutting down of DeVry University was the shortage of self-assurance students had in the job market and they could not make their commitments to the college.

O’Reilly Automotive

O'Reilly Automotive company shut down in 2014

The main reason of being shutdown was define by the authorities as the availability of many new agencies and smartphones that many people have, along with the discussion which was in relation to their defaults on sovereign debts.


AutoNation company shut down in 2014

Governmental shutdown had a great impact on their overall sales and soon it became unsettling once the shutdown was finalized. It was estimated that the impact was about 10% and got increased year after year.

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust company shut down in 2014

The cut down was continued in the government travel by Doubletree Bethesda and in return the shutdown impact affected the reservations of September, damagingly obstructed the precincts 18 basis points.

ACCO Brands

ACCO Brands company shut down in 2014

When the government shutdowns were taking place after Q3 and debt ceiling catastrophe was becoming more and more apparent, this market got relay slowed down in terms of both sales and top up which continued during the entire month of October thus reducing the structural cost of the products.


PulteGroup company shut down in 2014

The establishment of home builders was also effected by various reservations which led them to face the all-inclusive shutdown by government.

Ethan Allen Investors

Ethan Allen Investors company shutdown in 2014

The results of September got seriously impacted by the governmental shutdown and were continued during the first few weeks of October making people cautious about the business reducing the entire auctions.


Garmin company shut down in 2014

This is an aviation market who has always been very thought-provoking which was further highlighted by the governmental shutdown causing then short term interruptions in the providing of documentations and field endorsements.

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