10 Biggest Mobile Advertising Companies of the World

mobile advertising companiesAdvertising is one of the most finest businesses currently where about 80% of the online earnings are related to the advertising products and services in one way or the other. It was interesting to find that people who look forward to make money online hardly know about the potential mobile advertising companies and are all limited to Google’s Admob Ads. If you are mobile application developer and working on iPhone, Android or windows platform, it is now time to give your earnings a boost by trying different mobile advertising companies and enhance your earnings.

Here are 10 Biggest Mobile Advertising companies, have a look!

1)Google Admob Ads


Google is already excelling as the largest online advertising company and when it merged with Admob, it has become the biggest player in mobile ads since last three years ago. There is no doubt that it’s going to stay on the list for many years to come though it is moving on with Smartphones and tablets. Now Admob is also integrated into its AdSense platform.

2)Millennial Media

millennial media

They started as the sole advertiser on cell phones and is now standing as one of the leading mobile ad company. They could stand in better place than Google because Google is loosing that focus, as it has shifted its attention to tablets, where as they are mainly focused upon laser like focus on mobile. Their cost is relatively high as they basically serving the premium ads not the programmatic buying. The company is working harder to innovate and create mobile ad unit so the company is somewhere losing money because the company is investing in the platform.



It’s basically an analytical player and their analytics are no doubt consistent with their products which are helping you to manage, analyze and track things like revenue, conversions, traffic, etc. They have done job creating mind-share, they love going public and grab financial resources. If Google has Analytics, AdSense and Edward, Flurry has all three analogies offering though it is quite intertwined.


in mobi

Though it founded in 2006, it has helped many ads developers to extend their reach and make it easy to allow app download internationally. The site claims that it has over 691 million unique users globally who see InMobi ads, reaches 165 countries, an average of 135 times a month. The network reaches to thousand sites and so has a revenue far exceeds $100 million.



Have you ever heard about a site with just 65 employees hits $100 million in 18 months, surely you will say eight year old Flurry. How did they do it? Simple: It metamorphoses the work created by the first generation of ad networks by offering the transparent exchange that cuts the manual work. If you are a publisher and looking is, this is the place to hit, as they claim to be the largest exchange for mobile ops. So while they are competing with other exchanges, it is buying the inventory so advertisers should not really care as long as MoPub can show them the biggest reach.



The company mainly focuses upon the large enterprise customer that spends between $500,000 to $1 million a month on advertising, and that is why it has significantly grown because it keeps shifting its focus. Earlier they used to focus on International mobile carriers and now they have shifted to the Asian market. The company has hands from creativity to copy, direct marketing, media buying and mobile messaging in one place. Soon its going to hit $100 million revenue proving to be the biggest players in the market.

7)Euclid Analytics


Seriously speaking it is the most untested company with privacy concerns and having practically no revenue but you will still find it in this place apart from PlaceIQ, that match the place too, because it’s unclear for most of those companies that what their big ad play will be. This company knows how to detect consumers’ devices using surrounding wifi networks and is promising to offer a sort of Google analytics to the physical world very soon.



The company enables ad developers to track the performance of their ads like its install and purchases, enabling developers to know who their most valuable users are, and where they’re coming from. It also enables developers to avoid downloading SDKs from multiple advertising networks. It has customers like SuperCell, Square, Yahoo, Spotify, living Social and Electronic Arts. It also offers white labeled softwares for networks.



The company has emerged into the list by promoting mobile game ups and they got very impressive execution ability of the management team. Developers basically use it to increase the number of their mobile downloads. Some players under the category are Playhaven, Tapjoy and Fiksu. Tapjoy was the big player but it drops out of the list when Apple penalizes it for its practice of allowing downloads that Apple disapproved of.

10)Apple’s  iAd


It is a company attached with the generation of Smartphones which has become essential part of everyone’s life. The huge collection of apps in apple store leads no choice for the users to have multiple downloads and endless too. Once the app is downloaded and run and even at times reviewed few minutes adds are running and that is where the company sells the add to consumers making a huge advertising market. Good news this company offers their ads on every form of technology being invented by apple that includes iPhones, iPads and iPods.


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