10 Big Online Shopping Stores in Dubai

Shop Online in DubaiDubai has transformed fast from a land of sand dunes to a city of high rise buildings and sky scrappers. Indeed, it has become one of the major economic hubs of the world. Not only that, it has also evolved into one of the largest shopping hubs in the world! Millions of tourists arrive each year, some of them just to shop for stuff in the large and exquisite malls of Dubai, where you cal find anything in the world, from clothes and jewellery to consumer electronics to luxury or sports cars, all in the best quality, and at a decent price. Besides the large shopping malls and plazas, there are numerous online shopping stores as well where you can order almost anything you can find in the malls. In some ways, shopping online might be better than at those malls. So here is a list of the top shopping malls in Dubai you can order things from.

Online shopping stores in Dubai are usually better priced. It costs the shopkeepers at the malls a lot to pay the rent and stuff. Which is why they sometimes over charge you for goods. Online stores, however, are usually better priced. Buying online also saves you a lot of time and effort, because Dubai gets a lot of tourists. Traffic is uaually high, and the malls are usually filled with people. Also, some of these store ship products to other countries. So if you are out of Dubai, you might benefit by them by not actually having to go to Dubai for shopping. So instead of going out, just order goods online, and sit back in the comfort of your home as they are delivered to you.

Here are the top 10 online shopping stores in Dubai;

1. Aido

Aido is one of the largest shopping stores in Dubai. And they provide a vide variety of merchandise to choose from, including gadgets, console games, clothing, books, and more. Payments are accepted via Visa or MasterCard, but not money orders or cheque. Products are shipped to all locations in the world, and shipping cost depends on factors such as weight, distance, fragility etc. Orders are shipped on the very next business day of your order, which is the fastest it can get.


2. EmiratesAvenue

EmiratesAvenue not only is one of the largest, but also one of the cheapest stores in Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates. The reason for that is, they don’t have any retail shop which would cost extra for staff and bills etc. They also have a very little commission rate of 1-5%, whereas some other stores charge up to 25%. All goods come with a 1 year warranty with full assistance, and a change back policy. There is a cash on delivery option where you can pay the delivery person on your doorstep!


3. QuickDubai

QuickDubai is a nice little online Gift shop. And it’s really popular as well. It sells all kinds of gifts, along with other items such as perfumes, toys and games, chocolates etc. It has a lot of ideas for gfts as well, such as birthday gifts, thank you gifts, get well soon cards, and more. Payments are accepted through credit cards, and there is no cash on delivery. Shipments are done to limited places outside of Dubai, but with charges. Some shipments within Dubai might be free.


4. ALShop

A dedicated online store for computer accessories and other gadgets. You can buy latest laptops and tablets here. Prices are very reasonable, and you might catch special promotions from time to time. There is a change back policy in case you are not satisfied with the product. Indeed one of the best stores for gadget lovers.


5. eBay

eBay, the largest international shopping store, has its own Dubai branch. As you might already know, eBay deals with almost all kinds of products. Goods are shipped to all countries, including Dubai. But it might take some time before the goods get to your location.


6. SpendWiser

Appliances, consumer electronics, computers, accessories, laptops, SpendWiser has got it all! And at very reasonable rates too! You will definately save a lot of money buying from SpendWiser. There’s a reason it’s named as such.


7. UAEmall

Another big online shopping store. It servers all of the emirates, and countries outside. You will find a whole lot of merchandise here, from clothes to gadgets to laptops etc. It has one of the biggest retail shops in Dubai. You can find almost anything here.

(Note: The website was down for maintenance at the time of this writing. It will be back up soon)


8. CompuMe

CompuMe is a network of Megastores that are dedicated to the Information Technology sector. They offer a large merchandise of digital products from PCs, laptops, gaming consoles to gadgets, games, DVDs, and more. CompuMe is one of the oldest stores in the market, and it opened in 1998. Years of dedicated service has earned it a huge popularity and credibility.


9. Jumbo Electronics

If you are looking for consumer electronics or gadgets, then look no further! You get a one year warranty on all products, including a change back policy. Payments are made through credit card, and you can pay the amount in monthly installments, an option not available with many online stores.

Jumbo Electronics

10. Magrudy’s

This is for the book lovers out there. Magrudy’s is the biggest online book store in Dubai. You can order any book, and it’ll arrive right at your doorstep! A great place to search and buy books!


That was out top 10 list for the day. Hope you liked it. There are a few things to remember however. When you buy goods, always check for a few things. Duration of shipping, shipping cost, and shipping insurance. Also check the warranty information, i.e. warranty dates and warranty provider. Always, always look at the cash back / refund options provided by the store. Who knows the shipped product may be faulty? Print a copy of your order, and keep it safe with you. There are serious fraud methods people can make use of. So stay safe. And happy shopping 🙂

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