10 Amazing Websites to Submit Articles and Make Money Online in 2014

Websites to Submit Articles and Make Money OnlineIf you are a capable writer and looking forward to establish your own online empire in no time, you have some great opportunities waiting for you that are, luckily, a few clicks away only. There are a hundreds of sites that can pay you pretty well in return of your write-ups and some of the websites where you can submit your articles and make money online include the following names as the reputed one.

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01. Squidoo

Submit article online

Here the articles are submitted in the form of lens and it works as a social working network as well so you can connect to thousands of users. You can easily earn from $1 to $10 from a single lens and the site will pay you the payment via PayPal.

02. Hub Pages

Submit articles on Hub Pages

Here you can write as many hubs as you wish about the useful and unique topics and can make up to $100from Google AdSense or ad program and can withdraw your cash via PayPal.

03. ContentBLVD

Submit articles on Content BLVD

It is a site which is an association in between the blog owners and the writers but one must meet the criteria of the application first and with every article you can become able to earn round $12 to $48 and the payouts for the blogs can be received by PayPal.

04. Helium

Submit article to Helium

It 3s a well kwon writing community and you can write about the topics of your own choice under the dashboard of the site. The limit to cash out the payment is about $25. Helium pays the money out through PayPal and cash can be withdrawn twice a month.

05. CloudCrowd

Submit articles on CloudCrowd

Here money can be made by writing small projects on the topics concerning product descriptions and content writing. The range of compensations anyone can get from CloudCrowd is $30 per task and but for the extraction of money having a PayPal account is necessary for the writer.

06. Triond

Submit articles on Triond

It is another writing community where you can submit the articles previously being posted on other sites, where it is allowed to post videos, audial and images along with the article. The minimum payment that can be earned is $10 per article and can be collected via PayPal.

07. Epinions

Submit articles on Epinions

It is a great website for all those people who love writing reviews about different products which can either be constructive or destructive. The minimum payment that you can achieve from this site is around $100 and can only be collected via cheque.

08. Break Studios

Submit articles on Break Studios

For writing articles and making money the relevant topics re provided to you and if the article gets approved payment can be collected via PayPal up to $8 per article.

09. Bukisa

Submit articles on  Buksia

Once you have logged into the site you can write content of your choice and publish them whenever you want. Payment can be collected via PayPal to as much as $100.

10. Flixya

Submit articles on Flixya

It is a Google AdSense revenue sharing site and by blogging and sharing videos and images you can be paid up to $1250 and 100% revenue of your share is provided to you by all means.

The above share websites are really good platforms to enjoy making money online in 2014/


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  1. On Demand Studios is another location where a good writer can submit articles, but there is an application process that you must pass before getting into the group.

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