10 Most Amazing Football Stadiums in the World In 2014

Marina-Bay-Stadium-Singapore.jpgThe fact has always worked out that what you launch as a service or a product, an event or idea, is totally dependent on how you actually present it and so is the case with World Cups in the Sports domain. Now that we aim to cover all possible edges of interest for Sports lovers this summer, it can be extremely interesting for you to know the most amazing football stadiums in the world in 2014 that might be used in futute World Cups.

Have a look!

10. Allianz Stadium (Germany)

Allianz Stadium (Germany) amazing football stadium

The exterior of this stadium is pretty unusual and it can take anyone’s breath away since it is ignited with blue, white or red lights depending on the teams playing there.

09. Marina Bay Stadium (Singapore)

Marina Bay Stadium (Singapore) amazing football stadium

It is the world’s largest floating football stadium and is located on the floating platform on the marina reservoir off the celebrated Raffles Avenue. The base is made up of steel and can easily tolerate the weight of more than 9000 people.

08. Gospin Dolac (Croatia)

Gospin Dolac (Croatia) amazing football stadium

This stadium was built in 1989 and has a capacity for over 4000 people. The ground is situated at the end of the cliff with wrecks of an old town looking over it.

07. Hasteinsvollur (Iceland)

Hasteinsvollur (Iceland) amazing football stadium

It is basically a multiuse stadium and is located just round the corner of a volcano. It is mostly used for conducting football matches and holds up the capacity for about 3000 people.

06. Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium (Switzerland)

Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium (Switzerland) amazing football stadium

This ground is one of the highest located grounds in Europe and is present at about 2000 meters above the level of the sea. The viewer’s though have to travel by a cable car to reach here but the effort is worthwhile.

05. Victoria Stadium (Gibraltar)

Victoria Stadium (Gibraltar) amazing football stadium

This stadium is the house of national team of Gibraltar and has a capacity of 5000 people in it along with the background view of the island’s famous rock.

04. Estadio Hernando (Bolivia)

Estadio Hernando (Bolivia) amazing football stadium

It is located at an altitude of about 11,932 feet above the level of the sea and has the honor of being the highest national stadium in the entire world with the capacity of 38000 individuals.

03. Eidi Stadium (Faroe Islands)

Eidi Stadium (Faroe Islands) amazing football stadium

It is located next to the waves of North Atlantic in the village named Eidi and is entirely surrounded by sea water.

02. Kantrida Stadium (Croatia)

Kantrida Stadium (Croatia) amazing football stadium

It is home to the Croatian club and its ground is built into a mountain and has deep cliffs on its one side and Adriatic Sea on the other side.

01. Braga Municipal Stadium (Portugal)

Braga Municipal Stadium (Portugal) amazing football stadium

This stadium has capacity for 30 thousand people and had been used as avenue by UEFA Euro cup in the year 2004. This stadium has got two ends; there are rock walls of the quarry present at one end and open view of the city at the next.