10 Amazing Facts about KAKA You Should Know in 2014

Initial InterestsThe FIFA fever this time has certainly proven out as the most important one for the career of KAKA who is ruling the league for his good looks and his absolutely amazing performance in the game. Kaka was born on 22 April, 1982 in Brasilia, Brazil and made his initial professional debut with senior team of Sau Paulo. He started his career at the age of eight and is a pious evangelical Christian and is also a member of São Paulo-based Rebirth in Christ Church.  If this is all what you are not really interested to know, we have even some better stories to share about your hero. Here are 10 of the most amazing facts about KAKA that you might not know!

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10. Initial Interests

Initial Interests facts about Kaka

He was interested in playing tennis during the start of his career along with football but later he decided to focus on soccer alone and that decision proved to be the best thing for him.

09. Early life

Early life facts about Kaka

His real name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite and he had a financially strong upbringing that gave him better time to focus on his studies and football at the same time. He is cousins with Eduardo Delan who is also a professional soccer player.

08. Nickname

Nickname facts about Kaka

It was because of his younger brother Digao that he got this nickname Kaka. His brother used to call him Caca due to his inability to pronounce Ricardo when they were very young.

07. Beginning of Career

Beginning of Career facts about Kaka

He began his career with Sau Paulo at the age of 8 and got associated with the São Paulo youth squad after signing the contract with them.

06. Spinal Fracture

Spinal Fracture facts about Kaka

When kaka was 18, he experienced a career and life threatening spinal fracture as a result of major swimming pool accident but he was lucky enough to be saved and made a quick retrieval as well.

05. Adventures of AC Milan

Adventures of AC Milan facts about Kaka

AC Milan signed him for around 8.5 million dollars and gave him a golden opportunity to prove his abilities as a professional football player.

04. Transfer to Real Madrid

Transfer to Real Madrid facts about Kaka

He was transferred to Real Madrid during summer 2009 and became a part of the “new galacticos”.

03. Cup Nobilities

Cup Nobilities facts about Kaka

Kaka has won Italian Super Cup 2004, UEFA Super Cup of 2003, 2007 and Brazil FIFA World Cup 2002.

02. Individual Awards

Individual Awards facts about Kaka

He has won Campeonato Brasileiro 2002 (best player by position), Champions League Top Scorer 2007 and Champions League Best Midfielder 2005.

01. Personal life

Personal life facts about Kaka

He is married to his childhood love Caroline Celico and his first child Luca Celico was born in Sau Paulo.

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