10 Amazing Cities to Have Vacations in 2014

Zuirich-city-to-spend-facebook-on.jpgSummer is all upon us and it is now time to pack your bags and plan a long, sweet vacation to make sure that you enjoy a sustainable personal life along with all the professional stuff going out in your life. We have been sharing much about the best locations one should visit to give his life a better boost, and here we are again with some interesting cities to have vacations in 2014!

San Diego, California

San Diego city to spend vacations on

San Diego offers true taste of the Sea world where people can touch a shark and feel small fish nibbling their hands. Sea World is a park based on marine theme and is educating the visitors since decades. Amongst the other surprises is Balboa Park with lush greenery with museums, art venues, recreational centers and the zoo. It is one of the world’s best parks and is a must see for tourists.

Maui, Hawaii

Muai city to spend vacations on

Maui is an island situated between Molokai and Big Island. It constitutes lush green valleys, spectacular beaches, impressive wildlife and an intriguing culture. Tourists may enjoy traditional hula dancing, visit the historical villages and surf on the beaches.

Virgin Islands, United States

Virgin Islands city to spend vacations on

This is the ‘Caribbean Paradise’ of America. It comprises of three islands St John, St Thomas and St Croix and each one is famous for its beauty. There are parks and beaches best for people who visit to spend their honeymoon, rocky and hilly topography for those who like mountaineering and also sugar cane plantations.

Miami, Latin America

Miami city to spend vacations on

The climate of Miami is such that one can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. It is famous for its beach which has hundreds of hotels and apartments to accommodate the tourists. There are also over 80 gardens and parks.

Murree, Pakistan

Murree city to spend vacation on

Murree is a hill station located on the slopes of Western Himalayas and is famous for lush green lands. It exhibits nature at its best, with rare species of animals and pine and oak trees covering the vast mountains. People from hot and humid regions often visit Murree to experience snowfall.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zuirich city to spend facebook on

Zurich offers liveliest night life, green oases all over the city and over 50 museums. The place has cool, warm summers and cloudy, cold winters with a peaceful and serene environment ideal to relax and enjoy in vacations. It also offers numerous shopping resorts which attract tourists.

Male, Maldives

Maldives city to spend vacations on

Maldives is famous for its white beaches and clear blue oceans. It is ranked as the best diving places due to its clean beaches. Each island has its own coral garden and natural aquarium where scuba divers enjoy. Maldives is best for people who enjoy water sports.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok city to spend vacations on

Bangkok is one of the top tourist destination sites. Royal places, temples and museums attract many visitors. Grand palaces and Buddhist temples are some of the well known sites of the city.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid city to spend vacations on

Madrid is located in the centre of Spain and comprises of the most modern infrastructure. It is famous for its museums; the best known is ‘Golden Triangle of Art’. The city will attract people who enjoy art and history. Spain is also famous for its festivals and fairs such as the Pamplona Bull run and Tomatina tomato fight.


Dubai amazing city to have vacations

Dubai is famous for its shopping areas, beaches and artificial islands. The government of Dubai is striving to make it the number one tourist place of the world. Dubai has the largest shopping centre of the world ‘The Dubai Mall’ having over 1200 shops. Among the other attractions are the three Palm islands which into the Persian Gulf. Jumeirah beach is also very attractive with luxury hotels located along the coast, the most famous being Burj al Arab situated on an artificial island offshore. In 2015, Dubai is expected to have 15 million tourists.

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