Top 10 Most Addictive Facebook Games

top 10 facebook gamesFacebook is notorious for time-wastage. And yet, more than 350 million people log into it every day, let alone the ones that skip a day or two. The reason for this is the ease with which people can socialize with each other, that no other social media provides. Another reason is the powerful and interactive apps. Facebook provides powerful APIs and a good web-based app platform that lets developers create awesome apps and games. The games are an especially important aspect of Facebook-ing, since millions of people play them regularly. They are a fun way to connect and socialize with other people, and to compete with them. They take multi-player gaming to a different level where making connections is the key. Here are the top 10 most addictive games on Facebook that’ll gobble up your time like no other!

1. FarmVille

One of the most addictive games on Facebook of all times I must say. I have been playing it for more than three years now, on and off. And I just can’t seem to get enough of it! FarmVille is all about strategic farming. You select from different kinds of crops depending on their cost and harvest price and time. Besides crops, you can also harvest trees, animals, and put up many buildings to put up animals, trees, vehicles, and more!


2. Texas Holdem Poker

This is another hugely popular game by Zynga. It is Holdem style Poker. You can compete with your friends directly, and invite them to play with you. Invite some friends, raise the bet, get lucky and see the bulk of your friends’ chips go into your own pocket!

Texas Holdem Poker

3. Mafia Wars

Another, very old game on Facebook, but very popular. It has somewhat gone out of scope these days. But it was once the most popular game on Facebook. As the name suggests, its all about mafia wars! Gain experience, loot shipments, rob people, and become the most dangerous thug out there!

Mafia Wars

4. Cafe World

Zynga has another game in store for you. This one features a virtual world where you run a cafe with your friends, create new recipes, build your capacity, and earn more money!

Cafe World

5. Treasure Isle

Go out for adventures, and hunt for treasures! Compete with your friends, and show them what you’ve found! Find large treasures and become rich!

Treasure Isle

6. Word Challenge

This is sort of a word puzzle game that will test your thinking abilities! You are given six letters from which you have to make a proper word. Sounds boring? It isn’t! just make a quick score within the shortest possible time, and wach your friends attempt to beat your score! 🙂

Word Challenge

7. SimCity Social

A more recent game by EA gaining wide popularity. Build your own beautiful city, and add life to it!

SimCity Social

8. CityVille

Another game by Zynga. Much like SimCity Social, you get to be the Mayor of your own city! Build a city, and keep its residents happy! A really addictive game involving a lot of time and hard work.


9. FishVille

Yet another game by Zynga! You can see Zynga is totally dominating the Facebook gaming scene. This game is pretty much like FarmVille, except you manage a fish tank instead of a farm!


10. Restaurant City

Restaurant City is just like Cafe World, but a little different. You build your own restaurant, bring in customers, and keep them happy as they’d come again!

Restaurant City

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