Top 5 Tips to Increase Alexa Rankings in no Time!

Alexa-TrafficThe only thing that the new Bloggers crave for is a Respected Alexa Traffic Rank. It’s this holy Alexa which decides your market value in the internet world. The better the Alexa rankings of your website, the stronger your existence is. Moreover, the advertisements offered on your web pages totally depend on your Alexa Ranking. is subsidiary of It is a ranking system based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed.

However increasing your Alexa ratings is certainly not an easy task and needs a lot of hard work. It’s surprising that being familiar with the importance of Alexa Rankings, the new bloggers still don’t actually know how to improve their ranks.

Realizing the significance of improving Alexa Traffic Rank, here are some quality tips that can work out for you.

1- Use Alexa- Download Alexa Toolbar

An interesting thing which people might not have realized is that you can always get a better Alexa ranking if you use Alexa wisely. The first step is to download Alexa Toolbar; from here you can download Alexa toolbar. Alexa toolbar is the best way for them to monitor the stats of a site and when a visitor visits your site from a browser with Alexa toolbar, that certainly turns into a productive measure for your blog. Alexa rank is directly related to traffic coming to your site, so more traffic you are getting, you have more chances of getting higher rank in Alexa Website rank.


2- Write Great – feel Great – enjoy Great!

You need to understand that it’s not about money making, yes it matters but you make money by the content you share with your readers. The most basic yet important factor that you need is a sound and strong readership for your blog. You need to keep your blog attractive enough to grasp a good traffic. The better you write for your blog, the more traffic would come to you and the better the Alexa ratings would be. The next thing is to concentrate on Google. You should work on gaining Google’s attention to your website, which is only possible to understand the strategy of choosing the topics of contents that are loved by Google, like how to, top 10, FAQs, helps, etc.

If you are a new blogger, learn more about effective Content writing to get higher Alexa Rankings

3- Be Consistent

A good blog is not only the one with great content, it is the with consistent effective writings. You need to be regular in giving your best shorts each time to make people realize that you are simply the best among all your competitors in your niche. Write regularly for your blog and that will definitely help you to increase your Alexa rank. You must write 1-2 post daily if you are a beginner in blogging career to keep your blog alive. The consistency in your posts will definitely effect your Alexa Rankings as well as it will increase the chances of making your website search engine friendly.


4- Medal yourself with Alexa Widget!

Have you ever thought why the famous Fashion Designers or Hair Dressers always frame their winning awards and place them on the wall of their offices? Obviously to show off! This is exactly what you need for your blog. Having an Alexa widget on your blog/website will help you to increase Alexa ranking. It will show the current Alexa ranking status of your blog/website, improving your credibility in front of your readers. All you have to do is register your blog/website to and paste the code in the source code of your blog.

5- Promote your Website!

Another great way to increase Alexa rank is to write guest posts. Guest post will help you to build Link Baits, the more the back links, the better will be the Alexa rank and sites linking in number will go high. Promote your website as much as you can to make it popular among the people. Don’t forget that you need to generate a good amount of traffic to increase your Alexa rankings.


so these were some of the most effective tips that will surely help you out in increasing your Alexa ratings.  do share some if you think I have missed some points.


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  1. thanks Nida for your effective article on Alexa Ranking
    and in my opinion it’s prefered to install alexa toolbar
    Thanks a lot

    • Ayoub, its a pleasure hearing from you after a long time,
      thanks alot and yes, no one can ignore the immense importance of the ALEXA TOOLBAR FOR SURE:)

    • I am the first time visitor. But yeah Nida has written great tips. I might squeeze in alexa widget on blog and see the effect 🙂

  2. oh yeah I just downloaded the toolbar. It’s awesome =D. Thanks 🙂

  3. thanks 🙂

  4. Thanks for this info… It has been 3 days now i submited my blog to alexa,but till now no data

  5. Thanks this is really infomative ..

  6. Nice Post and Accurate. I have been following all these things and getting a good response.

    The only thing is that every blogger should remember that EARNING SHOULD BE YOUR SECOND PRIORITY BUT READER’S LOVE SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY

    If you follow this than not only Alexa Rank or Money but you will get everything.

    I am a Big Fan of yours Nida 🙂

  7. Well, I think the third point holds a paramount importance. Without consistency one can’t stand in the race of SEO. Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi! Nice tips here!
    I think we can also invite our visitors to download and use the Alexa toolbar. When our loyal visitors have the toolbar installed and they visit more often, it might give good effect on the rank.
    However I am not sure if we put the Alexa button (that display our rank) could increase the merits. If I’m not mistaken, I read somewhere that says Alexa calculate the rank by tracking users who use the toolbar, but not sure about the button (widget?) What do you think?

  9. thanks very useful post:)

  10. Great tutorial! This is what i do in increasing my alexa ranking. For starters out there, Alexa ranking is important since Google love their Rankings. Most likely is that if you have good Alexa rankings, you’ll get good Google PR and high rankings in search engines. High rankings and Good Google PR will give you tons of traffic and builds your credibility online.

  11. Nice tut will try it oN my blog

  12. hey Akeil,
    good to know pal that you write on similar topics too. i will definitely visit your blog. 🙂

  13. Good post thanks …

  14. Hie Mridul,
    welcome to SEM, it is a pleasure to know that you find the tips useful. Congratulations for your blog 🙂
    well, i would advice you to go through some of our posts especially, i m sure you will get something out of them 🙂


    • Thanks,
      yes i did sent you an email on your gmail account. you can contact me or mr.Mohammad whenever you need some assistance

  15. nice tips thanks

  16. Thanks for the tips! I’ve just downloaded the Alexa toolbar and added the widget to my site…. Hope this works! I’ve got a goal to get under 100k in a month.

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  19. You have covered all the basic points… will try to implement some of them… thnx for posting…

  20. It is true I downloaded the alexa tool bar and realize that it is helpful to improve the alexa rank Tips share.

  21. Is this really help? i should try..

  22. میترا says:

    thank you
    from iran

  23. I feel like my Alexa rank is fairly good (at 111,000 ATM) but I don’t get as many advertising opportunities as I’d like 🙁

  24. Great post, hope my blog get good alexa rank. Thx for share

  25. I tool all these 10 tips into account for my website for about 1 year, but it was not useful as mentioned here.

  26. My alexa rank showing no data please review my problem

    is there any need to keep the verification code there after claiming my site.

    • keep attracting the traffic, change your post timings. write more often. SEO friendly articles . hope that works

      • hi NIda my web site is, when i check my alexa rank last Saturday Global alexa rank was 163,498, and india rank was 12,937, today i check again now my global alexa rank is 151,420 and india rank is 16,037. i want to decrease my india rank so please suggest me, how can i decrease my india alexa rank

        • Hie Buddy;
          Congrats first of all on such a strong decrease, You need to understand the importance of Global rank, what really matters is your alexa rank,
          however, India, being one of the biggest States at the moment is a good choice to push your blog on.
          What you can do is, start writing Articles on Indian Latest reveals, keep a check on latest updates of India and write on its every single move, use the words India, Hindi, Hindustan, Bharat, etc in your posts.
          you will see your rankings improving!
          all the best

  27. I think the key is consistency like you said. If you can stand the test of time, you’ll be well rewarded.

  28. Consistency is the best way to increase once alexa rank………..

  29. hi my web site is when i check my alexa rank last Saturday Global alexa rank was 163,498, and india rank was 12,937, today i check again now my global alexa rank is 153,545 and india rank is 16,123. i want to decrease my india rank so please suggest me, how can i decrease my india alexa rank

  30. How to increase site link in alexa….?

  31. Thanks for sharing this great article.For information about magento Pls Visit 2ezasia website.

  32. Is it a lot harder to increase your rating if you don’t have a blog?

  33. Really helpful information on Alexa rank. My site is currently ranked at 454,000 though it has been as high as 310,000. I am unsure as to why it has dropped so I will implement some of your ideas to see if I can reverse the current downward trend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is appreciated.
    – Phil

  34. site links not increase in alexa what do i do.?

  35. This is superb post. I really didn’t know Some of the points here. I did not know about Badge, Toolbar. Thanks for letting me know.
    My alexa rank was dropping and I was happy. But after 22 lacs, It began to climb up. Worried!

  36. Hi Nida,
    Great advice on optimizing your site for Alexa. I am a fairly new blogger and just started back in April. I just recently started becoming more involved in SEO techniques and have discovered the benefits of Alexa ranking. Just got my first site linking in from Technorati this week. About one week ago my site Haus Of Paws Blogsite was ranked 8,340,069. Today it has moved up to 3,540,786 and have achieved a US traffic rank of 290,245, a rank that the site was missing a week ago.

    The site features unusual stories and videos on dogs with a positive note. The content is unique and is updated several times weekly. I have utilized all the steps you have mentioned above except for installing the Alexa widget, mainly because the template I am using with does not allow me to install any type of widget. I will eventually switch to a better template from third-party developers.

    Could you take a look at my site and provide overall feedback as well as Alexa optimization? Here is the site address:

    Thank you in advance,

  37. Alexa Widget and Alexa Toolbar really very helpful in increasing Alexa Rank. Thanks for sharing this article.

  38. yeah,really nice article.i hv got all interesting ideas and will apply to my website.thanks

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  41. Nice post but there are a alexa is going down automatically ..please give me some idea,,how we stop this any special task for it….please do something for me

    i am waiting for your positive response

    Allen Hill

  42. Thank you for this post. This exactly was I’m looking for. My website currently rank 583,656, I really want to increase that.

  43. Hi there, all these tips are very useful.
    I have a question on how alexa ranking affects google, apparently i have read that good alexa ranking affects overall google ranking. Just to share my own experience regarding this. A month ago i read on a blog that installing alexa toolbar and visiting your site a few times a day would improve the ranking. I tried it on my website and i started to notice considerable changes in my ranking. Infact in 30 days period it improved from 15,690,344 to 1,776,661 which seems remarkable. I did nothing apart from visiting the website daily.
    I want to ask how good is that alexa ranking towards google ranking? Are they related by any means or not ? Please share if anyone knows about it.

  44. Thank you so much for this wonderful post.. I will certainly use your suggestions to improve my Alexa Ranking .Thanks Again !

  45. Thank you so much for this wonderful post… I will certainly use your suggestions to help me improve my Alexa Ranking..

  46. Cool idea on writing to webmasters. Never thought of that one. We usually just write for the end customer and not the website webmaster. Good one.

  47. Hi there, thanks for useful tips.

  48. Great tips, I am already working on them and hope that will result in improving my site’s ranking in Alexa

  49. I used to say for any new blogger that he should not be disappointed just because he has got a poor alexa. As you mentioned good articles are ones that drive in more traffic. Google page rank is also a very important thing that newbies have to know. The things you have mentioned are absolutely genuine

  50. Vivek Moyal says:

    Nice post !!!!!!!!!!!. I have a blog and also write a post for the Alexa ranking. Check out mine

  51. Thank you for this post. I will try to do what is written above so i can improve my alexa ranking and also google pagerank for ( Gremeir Hosting ).

    Cheers to that !

  52. see the better way to improve alexa is install toolbar in your browser and recommend friends to use alexa widget on there blogs or websites.

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  57. Is it important to post daily because then you will have more quality content, or does daily posting boost your alexa score because it is part of their metrics?

  58. A simple way to increase your alexa ranking is to signup at and get free hits from alexa toolbar users and more website exposure.

  59. Good to have this post , helped me to do optimized my website Alexa ranking.
    thanks lady ,

  60. thank you for such anice information about tips about alexa ranking, nice clarifications about SEO, it really helps webmasters to improve their websites by those above tips

  61. Good work Thnks >>

  62. Thanks for a very informative article, I think Alexa is still relevant. I would like to ask how many people have installed the widget on their website, and if it helped Alexa rankings? I have not been able to find a definitive answer to this question, does Alexa use the data from their widget in rankings?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  63. I feel like my Alexa rank is fairly good (at 111,000 ATM) but I don’t get as many advertising opportunities as I’d like 🙁

  64. Do you want Free Alexa Rank your sites– No invest your Time/Money
    Please Read this post

  65. Thank you so much for this great information

  66. Nice Article, this will be really helpful for beginners.

    Mainly the 3rd point, I think that should be the first point to attract ranking and visitors.


  67. i always update content but my alexa rank is down . until now i cant understand about alexa algorithm

  68. thanks for sharing your info.

  69. Thanks for sharing, always looking for tips to help with ranking.

  70. How to have regional rank in alexa for my WEBSITE..?

  71. Nice post, but I want to ask, I usually create a new site, in a matter of days Alexa ranking has emerged. But this time I’ve built it almost 2 months, but my Alexa rank is still not appearing. Please enlightenment, Thanks.

  72. Your Alexa rating is still relevant to you because it appears to be a factor in your page rank at Google. Generally, anything that is important to Google is important to me, because I wanted to learn how to make the site an excellent source of traffic for me. And it worked

  73. Sound advice, thank you.

  74. Thanks for sharing. Really need to increase my alexa rank

  75. Nice article on How to increase alexa rank. Thanks for sharing it.

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  79. Thanks Nida it was a useful post indeed

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  82. Nice Post once again, I think all these suggestions are correct and would work for all blogger. I am also suggesting some other tips to increase Alexa ranking.

  83. great tips Nida.. (y)
    but, can you help me… you check my site or
    in alexa is Zero.. 🙁 no count
    how it is..??

  84. The above steps really works, must be followed by every blogger.

  85. Really Nice Tips . Alexa rank is really important for a blog . i hv got 18,XXX,XXX rank on alexa my website is 1 month old . i hope i’ll get good ranking in alexa by following your tips

  86. You can set redirects from alexa to your site and that will count as a hit even if they do not have alexa tool bar installed like this

    Best regards


  87. Thanks! These are great tips! I will start using the ones I haven’t done.

  88. Thanks for great tips

  89. Nice tips to increase Alexa rank, toolbar did not work for me but consistency and same posting time worked well for me.

  90. thanks for the awesome suggestions to improve alexa rankings

  91. thanks for sharing great ideas. I will also use alexa toolbar.

  92. Hi!

    I have a PR 1 – PR 2 Blog but I have seen a consistent fall in my Alexa rank while my google ran has steadily increased. Seems like a paradox but I am not complaining 🙂

    Alexa may matter but Google is still the king! – Guest Bloggers Wanted!!!

  93. Link building is a main part to increase alexa rank I think

  94. These are great tips no doubt, but how long do you envisage it will take a new blog to get into Alexa’s to 100,000?

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  96. Really concentrating on our goal is a method of increasing Alexa ranks quicker. But I think Quality matters here most.

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  103. having Alexa toolbar installed will be very helpful in boosting your alexa rank as the visitors who have alexa toolbar installed in their browser will help alexa to know your website more efficiently !!

  104. Its very good article, thanks for sharing information

    Rakesh Dhiman

  105. One more wonderful article in relation to Alexa get ranking. But My partner and i certainly is not going to add a Alexa toolbar with my internet site just to increase my internet site.

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