Top Ten Richest Scientists Alive In 2015

 Gayle Cook

Scientists are no doubt the most influential people we have in the world today because they are not just responsible for the greatest advancements in the world of medicine but they have mastered the technological inventions and giving us deep undertaking of the nature. The top ten richest scientists alive in 2015 are as followed!

10. Kathleen Taylor

Kathleen Taylor

Net worth: 2.5 million dollars

She has studied philosophy and physiology from Oxford University and is currently working as a research scientist in the Department of Physiology, Genetics and Anatomy in Oxford University where she is investigating on the activities of a human brain.

9. Stephen Hawking

'Hawking' Gala Performance at Emmanuel College in Cambridge, Britain - 19 Sep 2013

Net worth: 20 million dollars

Hawking is a well-known technologist, scientist, star gazer, and professor; he is attributed for unlocking new theories in reference to gravity, cosmos, and black holes.

8. Stephen Hillenburg

Stephen Hillenburg

Net worth: 90 million dollars

He is a former a marine biologist and has his master’s degree in natural resource-planning and its interpretation.

7. Richard Dawkins


Net worth: 135 million dollars

H is an evolutionary biologist and has introduced the concepts of the phenotypic effects of a gene related to nay organism’s body. He has written many popular science books and makes regular TV as well as radio appearances.

6. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

Net worth: 175 million dollars

She is a famous anthropologist and English primatologist who is also considered to be the foremost expert on chimpanzees and has about 55 years of study over the same species after which she is extensively working for animal welfare issues.

5. Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

Net worth: 275 million dollars

He is an American scholar and cognitive scientist and is also called as the father of modern linguistics. He has helped reshaping the field of psychology and has authored more than a hundred books over the same topic.

4. Ronda Stryker

Ronda Stryker

Net worth: 2.5 billion dollars

She is one of the world’s famous orthopedic surgeons and is the creator of many medical devices to meet her patient’s needs. She is now global leader in the world of medical technology and is specializing in manufacturing replacement joints

3. Gayle Cook

 Gayle Cook

Net worth: 3.7 billion dollars

He is the cofounder of the Cook group which is the largest selling company of catheters and needles. Today the company has specialized in manufacture of stents and antibiotic catheters.

2. Gordon Moore

Gordon Moore

Net worth: .6.7 billion dollars

He has worked as a Research and Development director of the Fairchild Semiconductor and has also been the founder of the NM Electronics which later became Intel Corporation.

1. James Watson

James Watson

Net worth: .15.8 billion dollars

He is an American molecular biologist and a famous zoologist. He is majorly known as a co-discoverer of the structure of DNA for which he has been awarded with Nobel Prize.


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