Top Ten Richest Actresses in Kenya in 2015

DJ Pierra Makena

The film industry of Kenya has no doubt gained much reputation in regional as well as international levels and has produced some of the most beautiful yet highly expensive actresses over the past few years. Top ten richest actresses in Kenya are as followed!

10. Mumbi Maina

Mumbi Maina

She is one of the most expensive actresses of Kenya and knows her way of standing out and getting admiration from her fans through her every film. Some of her famous movies include Unseen, Unsung, Unforgotten released in 2008.

9. Grace Mwelu

Grace Mwelu

This is the most praised Kenyan beauty that has appeared in The Text Message and acted in such a way that made all men carve for her. Her perfection in acting career is heightened by her scrumptious expressions.

8. Lizz Njagah

Lizz Njagah

She is 33 years old but it seems like her looks and her rate are improving day by day. She is engaged to Alexander Konstantaras and is currently the most demanding actress of Kenya.

7. Nice Githinji

Nice Githinji

She is one of the most appreciated Kenyan beauties and is the idol of many African and Kenyan women. Her movies are always a full house which is why she is earning way lot more than her competing actresses.

6. Maryam Ada

Maryam Ada

Her acting and her earnings per movie always make people wonder and mesmerized. She looks like a screen goddess and has featured in many Kenyan movies like The Text Message, Mastery of the Golden Rings etc.

5. Patricia Kihoro

Patricia Kihoro

One of the most brilliant actresses on TV is Patricia Kihoro. Her blending and acting into her movies is completely flawless which is why she is among the top earning actresses of Kenya these days.

4. DJ Pierra Makena

DJ Pierra Makena

She is one of the most famous DJ as well as top most earning, fascinating actress of Kenya. Her looks are sweet and adorable but her acting is original to the core.

3. Lupita Nyong’o

20th Annual SAG Awards - Arrivals

She is a famous and expensive Kenyan supermodel and actress with beauty that is unblemished and talent that is incomparable to others.

2. Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu

Her charm and acing is so contagious that keeps men and women glued to her movies. Her looks and acting skills has made her one of the most top earning actress of Kenya and has also gotten the ratings of MTV blockbusters.

1. Sarah Hassan

Sarah Hassan

She is on the peak of her career with her expensive rates and angelic looks. Her beauty, body and brains get perfect admiration form her fans after movie release.

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