Top Ten Most Powerful Armies in the World

South KoreaThe world has gone totally nuts fighting for no reasons at times is investing a great deal of revenue to establish the most powerful armies in the world. Varying from situation to situation, country to country, below shared is the most updated list of top 10 most powerful armies in the world in 2014.

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10. Israel

Israel Most Powerful Armies in the World

Israel’s major portion of money is particularly for the defense purposes which is why it is now standing at fifteen billion dollars in total. Defense technology is the part of Israeli defense that gets most of the budget among which iron dome is the best example. There are 133,000 active soldiers and 380,000 soldiers in reserve.

09. South Korea

South Korea Most Powerful Armies in the World

With a size of 506,000, the defense army of South Korea is significantly rising, majorly because of the disputes with china and North Korea. There are 2,346 tanks and 1,393 aircraft for 640,000 active personnel with an additional 2,900,000 personnel in the reserves.

08. Turkey

Turkey Most Powerful Armies in the World

About 9.4 of the entire budget are set for the defense and military of turkey and currently 290,000 personnel are performing their obligations in the country and use modern equipments of Turkish land forces.

07. Germany

Germany Most Powerful Armies in the World

Germany only has 183,000 active frontline personnel with an additional 145,000 members in the reserves and is currently considering providing military support to the NATO members.

06. France

France Most Powerful Armies in the World

Currently 119,070 personnel people are a part of Frnch army and is using high tech equipments for defense purposes like Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter and Leclerc main battle tank.

05. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Most Powerful Armies in the World

With 125,430 Regular and Army Reserve and 121,800 Regular Reserve, this armed force is among the most powerful ones in the entire world. They are so authoritative because of their high technology equipments such as Smoke grenades, Thermal Imaging System and Night Vision System.

04. India

India Most Powerful Armies in the World

With 1,129,900 active troops and 960,000 reserve troops it is the strongest standing army in the world that has edge over others with their small arms, ammunition, combat vehicles and artillery.

03. China

China Most Powerful Armies in the World

There are 2,285,000 active frontline personnel with an additional 2,300,000 in the reserves and about 126 billion dollars are estimated every year to be spent on the defense of the country.

02. Russia

Russia Most Powerful Armies in the World

Russia has more than 766,000 active frontline personnel with a reserve force of 2,485,000 personnel that uses some of the best weapons such as drones.

01. The United States

The United States Most Powerful Armies in the World

There are 546,047 Active personnel and 559,244 Reserve and National Guard personnel who uses some great high tech equipments among which heavy machine guns and grenade launcher are the most noticeable ones.

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