Top Ten Countries With Lowest Population In 2015

Marshall Islands

When thinking of a complete a nation, an idea of huge cultures with millions of people pops up in our mind but despite our imagination, there are some relay small countries in the world. Top ten countries with lowest population in 2015 are as followed!

10. Mauritania


The total population of Mauritania is 3,068,742 and is a country located in Africa which is bordered by the Atlantic ocean preset on its west side, Senegal on its south west side and Algeria over northeast side.

9. Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

The population of Marshall Islands is about less than 60,000 people and is located in the North Pacific Ocean, making it an island country as it can be suggested by its name.

8. Iceland


Another island country, Iceland is located in the Northern Europe and has its location in the North Atlantic Ocean with a total population of about 309,672 people. Iceland is basically situated between Europe and Greenland.

7. Australia


The total population of Australia is about 21,050,000 people only and its location is somewhere in between India and Pacific Ocean where two third of the population live in five cities which are all located on the coast.

6. Namibia


Namibia is a country located in South Africa and is bordered at west side by Atlantic ocean with South Africa towards west side and a population of about 2,031,252 people.

5. French Guiana France

French Guiana France

It is an overseas department of France and is located over the north coast of the South America and is also bordered by the Suriname towards its west side. The population of French Guiana France is 187,056.

4. Mongolia


Landlocked country in between the Russia and china is Mongolia. It is the world’s second largest landlocked country of the world and has a total population of the country of about 2,646,487 people.

3. Western Sahara Morocco

Western Sahara Morocco

Western Sahara Morocco is a territory of North Africa and is also bordered b Morocco with a population of about 440,000.

2. Falkland Islands United Kingdom

Falkland Islands United Kingdom

A group of two main islands and 776 small islands makes Falkland Islands United Kingdom and has population of about 3,060 only.

1. Greenland Denmark

Greenland Denmark

It is an ice-covered island between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, lying to the north-east of Canada and has a total population of 56,916 people along with its historic as well as political association with Europe.

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