Top Ten Countries with Hottest Climate All Year


There are many facts which make a weather perfect but if you wish to spend some time in hottest countries, the considering the following list is a must for you. Some of the countries of the word where the weather is always so hot include the following!

10. Somalia


There are continuous hot temperatures around this African country and the major reasons behind such climate are the lack or rainy seasons and average overall very high temperatures which always keep humidity more than it should be.

9. Mexico


It is a Central American country and has average hot temperatures up to fifty degrees Celsius which is mainly because of the balmy climate of the place. There are many cool and great beaches sin Mexico that is a perfect summer holiday destinations due to the rising temperature of many of the cities here.

8. Sudan


Another African country that is included in this list is Sudan. High heat waves are present all around the year and sometimes may exceed over 45 degree Celsius on the scale. There is no rain and d the overall climate is not just humid but balmy and hot.

7. India


Many hill stations of India though has temperatures even below zero degree Celsius there are still many cities that experience high heat waves during the entire year. The hot climate is due to the lack of cold wind that does not pass from the India after being originated from Central Asia.

6. Oman


This Middle Eastern country has an average temperature of about 45 degree Celsius during the summers and is it’s mainly due to the lack of rain, humid environment and consistently mild winter seasons.

5. Algeria


Extremely hot days and cool nights are the features of Algeria making it one of the hottest countries in the entire world.

4. Iran


Hot and humid temperatures are experienced by the people of rain almost throughout the year due to dry summers and majorly because of no rain.

3. Iraq


Most humid days are found in Iraq and this is why this country has a record of incredibly high temperatures which may increase to fifty degree Celsius. Even in winters the temperate remains hot and humid, making it one of the hottest countries of the world.

2. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s scorching weather is due to the hot air that comes from the desert, with a major part of the country dropping under the desert zone. Therefore, the constant temperature in this country always soars above 50°C.

1. Libya


Libya is the hottest country in the world. With temperatures noted above 58°C, the complete state practices unreliable rainfall, erratic weather and dangerous hot temperature all year round. Both summer and winter in Libya is burning and tropical.

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