Top Ten Best Islands To Spend Holidays In 2015

2.bora bora society isalnds

The world is so full of natural beauties and spectacular sceneries that need to get witnessed at least once in a life time. For all those who have been looking forward to make their vacations the phenomenal one, it is the right place to find out your destination. Amongst various visiting places on earth, islands are meant to be one hell of an experience to visit. We have selected world’s ten best islands, having known for their attractive and alluring diversities.

1.Nantucket, Massachusetts

1.nantucket , massachusetts

Nantucket island formerly called by sailors “The Little Grey Lady of the Sea” is one of the most alluring islands to visit. It has got unique features to discover and spend your vacation at. The misty mornings at the white splashing island is breathtaking experience to have.

2. Bora Bora Society Islands

2.bora bora society isalnds

From tranquilizing sunshine to the glimpse of turquoise lagoons, Bora Bora is just one wonderful island to visit. You can roam around the tupitipiti point or have beautiful views of volcanic Mount Otemanu. There is an awesome French restaurant to take food and cocktails along with the beauties of the island.

3.Canary Island,Spain


Canary Island is kind of a blessing for Europeans looking for a glimpse of sunshine. You can watch whales and also get over to Gomera, the final destiny that Columbus made before discovering America.

4.Marco Island ,Florida

4.marco_island florida

A perfect destination for those who always run out of time in their busy schedules. Marco Island with its beautiful and mesmerizing features is situated near the town. Glittering seashells on the white beaches of the island add beauty to its appearance. You can have a session of golf there as well.

5. Fair Isle,Scotland

5.fair isle, scotland

The next on the list is renowned among the bird lovers and birds’ wild life observers. Fair Isle is slightly populated but has been and is the center of attraction from tourists’ point of view. You can find every single kind of colorful chirruping birds. Meadows spread all over the sight gives best experience of natural beauty.

6. Naxos,Cyclades

6.naxos , cyclades

In the waters of the Aegean Sea, we can spot a beautiful and rich island named as Naxos. Its largest of the Cycladic islands and comprises of ancient ruins and beach culture. The identity of the island is a stone gateway to a temple. The sunset view of the island is far beyond the words.



Capri is one of the renowned names in the list of islands. It is big and clear. You can just forget your life for a while and discover its beauty. Colorful balconies, sunny mornings, romantic evenings and sparkling sand make this island one best island in the list.

8.Easter Island,Chile

8.easter-island chile

One of the most difficult islands to reach, Easter island is located in South Pacific. It has been isolated due to its location but keeps with it the richness of mysterious congregation of volcanic rock sculpture which is the biggest fame of the island.

9.Islands of the Andaman Sea

9.island of the andaman sea

Thailand is so rich to have some best islands within its boundaries. It is said to be the silver beach because of the reflection of sunshine in such a way that makes it glitter. There are banks at which villages are located which include Koh Phe Phe, Koh He, Koh Racha and Koh Surin.

10.Ko Tao, Surat Thani province

10. to kao, surat thani province

In the gulf of Thailand, Ko Tao island resides to beautify the waters of the sea. It takes with it palm fringes and beach turtles . white sand sheltered by steep hills add up a beautiful perfect scenario to spend your evenings.

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