Top 10 HD Windows8 Wallpapers-Make Your Windows 8 Cool With Us!


windows-8My love for Windows 7 was at its peak when the Merciless Microsoft left me with no choice and I was forced to get in to Windows 8 Professional. It has been a month and i ‘m still loving it the same way.

Since the Very first day of Windows 8, coming in to the market, its Wallpapers have grabbed the attention. There is a classy look about it which can not be explained in words. while I was searching some great Wallpapers for myself, I planned to share the best ones with my readers so that they can enjoy some of the best ones.

Here are the top 10 HD Windows 8 Wallpapers

have a Look!


1)  Peace in Blue!

windows 8 - HD


2) Find A way

windows 8 hd 2


3) Heaven!

windows 8- HD3


4) Endless World



5)  Memories

Windows_8- 5


6) being Kid



7)  Seeking Light



8) Hit The Fire

windows8-HD 7


9) Windows 8 in Yellow

WINDOWS 8 - hd 9


10) Simple and Cool

HD- 10


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  1. wow keep it up!! another awesome effort 🙂

  2. Nice wallpapers Nida i will try it thanks

  3. Saved find a way for my lappy.

  4. Good collection of window8 wallpapers and now i m using this it is awesome thanxs 🙂

  5. nice post dear

So, previously we shared a list of the Top 5…