Top 10 Business Schools – 2017 Updated

sem-top-10-business-schools-of-2017Business schools are all about creating another set of MBAs and businessmen each year. With the rapid demand of business and entrepreneur minds, these business schools are quickly bagging up their pockets. However, due to recession, the payback isn’t that fast. On an average, it takes around 5 years for business graduates from reputed business schools to get their entire tuition fee back. Here, is a list of such apparent business schools of 2017.

Let’s check out which ones are back on the charts!

1) Stanford Graduate School of Business

Location: Palo Alto, CA
Tuition Fee:
$127 K
Years to Payback: 4.2
Approx Salary: $255 K


The Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the top notch business schools and is commonly known as GSB, Stanford GSB or Stanford Business School. At Stanford GSB, a variety of programs and degrees are offered such as a general management degree – Master of Business Administration (MBA), a full-time MS in Management for mid-career executives (the MSx program) and other degress including Engineering, Law, Medicine, Education and Earth Sciences.

2) Harvard Business School

Location: Boston, MA
Tuition Fee:
$139 K
Years to Payback: 4.2
Approx Salary: $239 K


Harvard Business School (HBS) situated in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, ranks second when it comes to the best business schools. This business school offers MBA, doctoral programs, several executive education programs and HBX. It also has Harvard Business Publishing and Harvard Business Review under its umbrella.

3) Kellogg School of Management

Location: Evanston, IL
Tuition Fee:
$128 K
Years to Payback: 4
Approx Salary: $188 K


The Kellogg School of Management is more commonly known as The Kellogg School or Kellogg which is situated in Evanston, Illinois. Kellogg offers various programs and degrees including Masters of Business Administration (MBA), MBA-JD, MMM program and  Ph.D. programs in different fields. It is known to be the one of the top ranking business schools.

4) Columbia Business School

Location: New York, NY
Tuition Fee:
$136 K
Years to Payback: 4
Approx Salary: $208 K


Columbia Business School comes under the name of Columbia University in Manhattan, New York City which one of the six Ivy League business schools and has the most selective admission criteria of all the business schools. It offers MBA, EMBA, MS in Science and Engineering, Marketing and Financial Economics and Ph.D.

5) Tuck School of Business

Location: Hanover, NH
Tuition Fee:
$135 K
Years to Payback: 4
Approx Salary: $190 K


The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, founded in 1900, is one of the oldest business schools and the first institute to offer a master’s degree in business administration. It is also one of the sic Ivy League business schools and still grants only one degree i.e Master of Business Administration.

6) Booth School of Business

Location: Chicago, IL
Tuition Fee:
$128 K
Years to Payback: 4.1
Approx Salary: $200 K


The University id Chicago Booth School of Business is one of the renowned graduate business schools and was formerly known as the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business. This is the second oldest business school of US and the first one to offer an executive MBA and a Ph.D. program in business. Booth’s MBA has been ranked first by The Economist.

7) Wharton School

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Tuition Fee:
$137 K
Years to Payback: 4.1
Approx Salary: $207 K


The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is also known as the Wharton School or Wharton which was established by Joseph Wharton in 1881. Most of the billionaires with a finance background have once been students of this institution which is ranked no.1 by Forbes, Business Insider and QS. Its eminent alumni include Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Anil Ambani, Elon Musk and many more!

8) Haas School of Business

Location: Berkeley, CA
Tuition Fee:
$110 K
Years to Payback: 4.1
Approx Salary: $180 K


The Walter A. Haas School of Business, is more commonly known as Haas School of Business or Haas, was established in 1995 and is one the 14 best business schools at the University of California, Berkeley. It never fails to retain its position as one of the top 10 business schools by Financial Times, Bloomberg Business Week, The Economist and US News & World Report.

9) Sloan School of Management

Location: Cambridge, MA
Tuition Fee:
$130 K
Years to Payback: 4
Approx Salary: $200 K


The MIT Sloan School of Management, also called MIT Sloan or Sloan, is one of the most selective business schools of United States. Sloan offers various degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and executive education in several disciplines. It focuses more on research, innovation, influential ideas and practice in management and finance.

10) Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

Location: Ithaca, NY
Tuition Fee:
$123 K
Years to Payback: 3.8
Approx Salary: $150 K


The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management was found in 1946 by S.C. Johnson & Son. It has about 600 MBA students and 375 Executive MBA students and makes around 11,000 alumni.

 Stay blessed!

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