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Flippa alternatives 300x172 Top 5 Alternatives To FlippaFlippa is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling websites. It is also the best. You can either sell your old website here, or buy a new website and sell it for a profit. Kind of like real estate really. If you choose to renovate the website, it might go for more. Flippa isn’t just the only marketplace though. There are others as well that you can make use of. For some of you out there, Flippa might not be the best option. Or perhaps you could get more money out of a website on another platform. In any case, it’s best to know your options. In this post, we’ll talk about some good alternatives to Flippa.

The problem with Flippa is, it has grown too large. It has become hard to sell a website. Buyers land only on the best sites, while the smaller, and mediocre sites stay there forever. Those who don’t have the time to monetize a website and generate a lot of revenue from it find it very difficult to sell their time-consuming website. Hence, it might benefit them to look into some alternatives for Flippa, where they might be able to sell their site quickly and more easily. Who knows, it might even go for a better price, since there is a lot of competition at Flippa and as a result, prices go down.. Here are some good alternatives to Flippa.

1. Sedo

Sedo is almost as good as Flippa. Not only is it a domain marketplace, it also is a domain parking service, along with other services. It is as good as Flippa, or maybe better. According to them, they are the largest domain marketplace in the world (Flippa claims to be the best, but not the largest).

2. Website broker

Website broker is a very large marketplace for website auctions, just like Flippa. You can find premier websites and domains for sale here. Established in 1997, it is one of the oldest such website. And is the next best thing to Sedo. But is mostly for professional websites, although lots of small websites are listed as well.

3. BuySellWebsite

Much like Website Broker, but aimed more at start-up sites. It is a site and domain flipping website. BuySellWebsite also provides website appraisals that tell you how much a website is roughly worth, how much traffic it has, how much earnings etc.

4. Digital point Forums

This is a forum where people buy and sell websites. Listings here are completely free, which is one of the most useful benefits of Digital point Forums. It gives new and started websites as well as mediocre ones a better chance than Flippa does. It also allows interaction between users, hence you get to know whether a seller is credible, or a scammer. And since it provides free listings, a lot of people use it to sell their sites and buy new ones.

5. EBay

EBay is the largest online auction website for all sorts of things, including websites. Although it might not have as many website listings as Flippa, but you still have good chances of selling a website here. If you want to buy, however, you need to be careful. People will sell all kinds of websites here, websites with shady backgrounds. It’d do you good to run background checks and stuff.

That was out list of the top alternatives for Flippa. If you have any better ones in mind, do let us know! We might just add that one to our list! Cheers :)

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