Top 30 Tips to Increase Income with Google Adsense – Latest Reveal!Part 1

google adsense tipssSmartearningmethods is planning to add Google Adsense soon to the site and hence taking a smarter move, I decided to share how one can enhance his earnings with Google Adsense. Google Adsense brings huge revenue but keep this thing in mind that Adsense plays differently everywhere. There are many factors behind it but we will not go in details at the moment.

Here are the 15 logical and effective tips in part 1 that can boost your Google Adsense wealth in no time.

1. Stick to the Adsense rules

rulesWhen you run a big empire, you make it sure that your rules and regulations are maintained and followed. Google is Huge, we all know that, therefore the better you follow up the Google Adsense rules, the more are the chances that Google Adsense starts favoring you too.

2.Keep You’re Ads Visible – always!

How unbelievable it is that sometimes, even the professional bloggers forget to make it sure whether the Ads are visible. Its obvious that if your viewers will not be able to see the Ad, how are they going to click it and how will you then make money with ppc strategy? (ppc = pay per click)

3. Examine Niche of your blog

Starting a blog with a niche like 7 – wonders of the world, or may be something too childish makes your success chances saturated. How long will you write on a particular thing? Ask yourself. Readers use internet and have come to your website with a motive. Think about the topics that 70% of the users might look for. For example,, if you visit the site, (owned by our very own Mr. Mustafa) you will notice that every topic shared on the site has something new, yet interlinked with niche. The question might arise that why such niches do not become saturated is the fact that such grounds are vast. Always keep your blog entertaining and happening so that slowly your readers start relying on the site. More the traffic, more the PPC, more the revenue will be.


For any blog, keywords do wonders. Find and choose appropriate keywords to enjoy a large traffic.


5. Location of Ads

Keeping your ads on the top, top right are generally considered a good practice. The reader normally views the webpage in F – like shape and the first thing after your heading is your ads placed. Ads placed in the middle of the content are too annoying. Avoid that. It might reduce the number of visitors as it becomes a source of distraction while reading.

6. Change locations Frequently

You are the owner of the business, and so you need to do justice to all the Ads available on your website. It’s a good strategy if you keep switching the locations of Ads to give priority to them.

7. Multiple Ad Units

Once Google Adsense starts loving you, take the advantage, only then design a multiple Ad unit for the placement.

8. Use effective ads

Ads which have texts with images are a better choice. It appeals more to the viewers and attracts them for a click.

9. Adense Format

Generally when you start something, you should always research about it. Same is the case her. Adsense has a specific proposed format which you should follow

10. No Borders

When you place borders to the edges of Google Ads, you simply lower your ratings. Generally it’s a good practice not to interfere in Google’s business.

11. RSS

rssUsing Google Adsense RSS, keeps you updated, and so you can monitor your blog ina better way, this brings more PPC ad hence generate a good revenue.

12. utilize SEO and bait links

we have shared a lot on how to get bait links to increase your traffic. Always give the blog traffic your outmost priority.

13.Deal low paid Ads

The ads that actually don’t offer you large sum, keep their ads as images only for the time till you don’t get bigger ones.

14. Reduce Bounce Rates

You really need to work in reducing the bounce rate of your website because it leads in a huge reduction of traffic and decreases your page rank. Google Adsense always approaches the websites that have high rankings, first.

15. Personalize Ads – without changing

Although I just said that its better not to interfere in Google Business, doing it here will bring you benefit. Change the color of the ad that matches(in contrast, looks good) with your blogs background theme.

this was all for now, wait till tomorrow for the next 15 Hit Tips and increase your earnings with Google Adsense.

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  1. Nice tips…and waiting for the last part of this series. and Thanks for sharing such info.

  2. Hey sister,how to you encircled your headings like this???

  3. plz sis, do check my blog.gimme some tips or suggestion @Nida

  4. that is so true, but once you get that.. u r then richie rich in no time

  5. hi Nida, you have said that smartearningmethods will add adsense to your blog but upto my knowledge you will rejected because yo have so many tags displayed in tag clouds. How will you manage to get google adsense?

  6. This is really informative, I highly appreciate whatever effort that was put to it. I have one question though.
    On point 13 you talked about “Deal low paid Ads”, is there any way one can know the low paid ads as far as Google Adsense is concerned?

  7. i am not create account in adsens .my request is rejected

    • oh 🙁
      thats certainly not an easy task when it comes to geting an account !
      keep trying.. follow the instructions given in the articles related to google adsense, they will help you out for sure:)

  8. Hey. Nice tips thanks for sharing. Adsense is a nice way to make some passive income but you need to remember that they sometimes just ban accounts for no reason.

    It happened to me. Just plan accordingly!



  9. Salam Sis very nice post i like it . i have a problem will u plz help me. i try several time for adsense but rejected all the time i dont know why? my blog is plz check this and suggest me. thanks

    • w.salam Haidar.
      how are you bro?
      well first of all tel me why is your blog stil on blogspot? buy a domain name first dude!

      • Sis i am thinking about it, quite a while but truly i am hesitating. please guide me regarding hosting + domain issues i want to setup my site with WordPress is it a good choice? i want to buy a domain and free hosting? Bcz hosting plan are a bit expensive. Please guide me thanks

    • Contact me,if i can,i will make one for you free with my method,don’t contact anyone else.they demand money. 🙂 and Nida Sis,i think they should approve adsense on a nice blog with even Blogspot,having good traffic, 🙂

  10. Sis i am thinking about it, quite a while but truly i am hesitating. please guide me regarding hosting + domain issues i want to setup my site with WordPress is it a good choice? i want to buy a domain and free hosting? Bcz hosting plan are a bit expensive. Please guide me thanks me waiting

  11. Nice tips for Adsense publishers who wants to earn more money. 🙂

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