Top 10 Worst Markets To Buy Grocery In 2015


It is always a great fuss to make decision while choosing a market to buy grocery. People usually prefer to elect such market that they could continue shopping on regular basis. Looking forward to good market conditions like satisfactory prices, cleanliness, good environment and good enough stock of the items, customers are persuaded to choose the one with best conditions. In recent past years there have been changes brought up in world grocery markets and the surveys have thrown up a list of ten worst grocery markets on the basis of public opinion.

10. Von’s food and drug

10.von's food and drug

Vons is a division of Safeway supermarket in United States, coming up with some complementary areas like pharmacy, catering services, dry cleaning and copying centers. It has been serving finely with a good feedback of the customers regarding cleanliness, price satisfaction and the friendly attitudes of the workers and shopkeepers.

9. Price Chopper

9.price chopper

Price chopper is a renowned and new name in the list of supermarkets spread in a large number of branches spread like a chain all over the United States. It has been under its founding family the Golubs since its inception. It is being recommended and criticized by the shoppers at an average rating regarding satisfactory prices and services respectively.

8. Safeway


Safeway is located in the Western/Central United States making efforts to survive in the competitive market of grocery stores. It has been purchased recently by the second largest company of supermarkets that is Cerberus Capital Management.

7. Stop and shop

7. stop and shop

Stop and shop is relatively a new name in the line of grocery stores but still struggling to improve its ratings by customers. It comes under the Dutch firm Ahold which has been moving into online grocery sales. Its visitors have lost their devotion and attraction to visit this store for shopping due to price dissatisfaction and low services.

6. Jewel Osco

6.jewel osco

Jewel Osco, located in the cities of America, comes to the sixth spot of our list. The false and fluctuating prices of the stores has been contributed to bring it in the list of worst stores. Customers seem dissatisfied with the services and stock qualities.

5. Tops


Tops is one of the oldest and renowned names in the grocery stores of America with its branches spread in New York and Pa. It had started off with a phenomenal performance but lost its name in recent past time. The price satisfaction and customer services have gone from bad to worse.

4. Acme


Acme supermarket chain has been spread in America within Pa. , N.J , Del. Md. It is a struggling supermarket and was purchased by Cerberus Capital Management in recent past year. It has been rated above average in cleanliness and customer services but price satisfaction doesn’t meet the requirement of the customers.

3. Pathmark


One of the oldest super markets in America, Pathmark stands at third position in worst grocery shopping stores. It has got its branches in Del.N.J , New York and Pa. It has got a neutral score regarding the price satisfaction but highly criticized on the basis of services, cleanliness and environment.

2. Shaw’s supermarket

2. shaw's supermarket

The second chain appearing on the list is verily known as Shaw’s supermarket. It was purchased by Cerberus Capital Management in 2013 and is losing market share with the passage of time. Shoppers have mixed views about the store. The main factor to not preferring to shop is high and rigid prices of the items.

1. Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, that is one big name in regard with the grocery supermarkets, tops the list of getting most of the complaints in number by customers. It belongs to USA and is spread nationwide in form of a big chain. It has been criticized by visitors for lacking like out of stock items, no proper price labeling and lack of accommodative services.

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