Top 10 Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

PlayStation-All-Stars-Island.pngWhile the invention of smartphones have given a real boost to the economy of the world in general, the developers are enjoying the best era of making money by cashing their programming skills. If you have been a real fond of playing good games on your android phone, you must definitely know the top 10 worst android games that you should try to know what is actually missing in them.

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10. Flying Penguin

Flying Penguin Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

It is the same gameplay like Dragon Fly but the graphics have failed to please its users and are not worth wasting money at all. The developers of the game have confused their users particularly the children with the composition as they may believe that penguins live in desert since it asks if the players wishes to play on Antarctic or Sahara.

09. Fruit Slice

Fruit Slice Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

It is a worst buy as an android game because it is an imitation of the game Fruit Ninja and the fact that the developers have tried to add nothing of their own while making the game which makes it boring.

08. Froggy Jump

Froggy Jump Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

Froggy Jump is one more imitation of the popular game, Doodle Jump. The unsatisfactory thing about the game is that there are advertisements being demonstrated while playing the game which can be very infuriating for the user.

07. Dragon, Fly!

Dragon, Fly Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

It is the replica or an imitation of a game available in iOS and is a worst game to buy because the player may get very frustrated and annoyed as one merely have to press to let the dragon go down and discharge to make the dragon fly greater, and you have to get hearts so that the game will not finish which is a complete juvenile thing to play and waste money for.

06. Solitaire

Solitaire Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

Although it is a very classic game but the fact that it is very hard to understand and win it over all makes it very less famous. These are some of the sole reasons why this game has failed to catch attention of many users even until after years of its release.

05. Mahjong

Mahjong Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

Majhong is one of those games that seem to exist for any app but is also one of the most un-played games in the entire world as people may find it very hard and confusing to play

04. Fast & Furious 6- The Game

Fast & Furious 6- The Game Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

It is one of the most weird, boring and greedy game according to most of the android users. It is a fast patrolled adrenaline driving act game and is the worst games of the year for its dreadful fuel structure and its unreasonable cool-down mechanic system that infuriates you while playing.

03. Enemy Lines

Enemy Lines Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

Enemy Lines is a disorganized challenge at merging real-time approach with freemium style content and virtually begs for you to spend money to get ahead for no reason.

02. PlayStation All-Stars Island

PlayStation All-Stars Island Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

Playstation All Stars Island is an announcement, camouflaged as a game with advertisements in it which makes it annoying for the users who have the misfortune of playing this game.

01. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Assassin’s Creed Pirates Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy

Assassin’s Creed Pirates accomplishes to arrest a bit of that sea-faring magic but it has never quite transported the pirate experience people wanted to have unless they are willing to chore through an interminable wave of banal ship combats, and so they are better off without this game.


Here comes the end of my list. Share your experiences.


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