Top 10 Richest Dogs Of The World In 2015


It is commonly assumed that dogs are one of the best and the most sincere pets a person can have. That goes in a similar way to the fact that their sincerity is at times worth a huge money. Having known for their attractive looks and charm, many breeds of dogs are admired by their owners. They are also sold at an expense of huge cash in order to be kept by new owners and get pampered. There are various breeds of dogs having different unique features and qualities upon which they are classified into the category of richest or most expensive dogs in the world.

10. Chow Chow

1.chow chow

Large headed and average sized Chinese breed of dog, Chow chow is one beauty in the list of richest dogs. It has a cost of $3000 to $9000 for its amazing looks and characteristics. In China, it is also stated as puffy- lion dog for its long hairs, curved nose and lion like skin. It is comfortable to keep at home for chasing, birding and safeguard purposes.

9. Pharaoh Hound

9.pharaoh hound

The stubborn yet intelligent, next on the list is Pharaoh Hound, the national dog of malta. These dogs are usually very thin in size and are high jumpers. Sometimes related to an Egyptian myth for being a breed of ancient Egyptian hunting dogs. These dogs cost upto $7000.

8. Akita


The Japanese Akita is the next exclusive and expensive breed of the dogs we have on our list. It is said to be reserved in front of strangers but are strong enough to keep for protection and safeguard. It is usually sold at a cost of $4500 which is effected one due to some genetic problems in this breed.

7. Chinese Crested Hailrless

7.chinese crested hairless

Of all the other breeds of dogs, these Chinese dogs are the one known for their unique looks and features. These dogs are the most skinny and with no hair on their skin but just a thin layer of fur. The cost of this dog is roughly estimated to $6000.

6. Tibetan mastiff


The group guardians, more specifically belonging to central Asia, China, Nepal and Tibet, mastiffs are considered one of the strongest breeds of the dogs. One of these dogs has made a history of having sold at a cost of $2 million in china. These dogs are usually sold at $10,000.

5. Canadian Eskimo dog

5.canadian eskimo dog

The next on the list are the athletes in the list of dogs’ breeds. Yes these are none other than Canadian Eskimos. These dogs are popular among dog keepers and admirers for their looks and powerful instincts. For their strength, they are also kept as guardian ones. They are sold at a worth of $10,000.

4. German Shepherd


Talking about world’s famous and exclusive dogs? How can one neglect the German Shepherds? These dogs are highly admired for their sharp skills, intelligence and smart looks. Not only with the looks and skills, but they also have a friendly nature that makes them a complete package for the dog keepers. They are usually sold at a cost of $8000.

3. Samoyed


The Siberian beauty, Samoyeds are considered to be the apple of eye of all the dog lovers. They are very comfortable to deal with and works as a toy for little kids. Their training should be done carefully for a kind of stubborn nature of these dogs. These dogs are bought at an expense of almost $14,000.

2. Rottweiler


Largely sized Rottweiler dogs are yet another class in the list of dogs. These dogs are usually known for their low tempered nature with familiar ones but aggressiveness against the strangers. That is why these dogs need proper training and also used in military and police. The cost at which these dogs are sold is $14,000.

1. Lowchen


Lowchen, the cutest and the most favorite of all the dog lovers, is yet another exclusive and expensive breed of the dogs. These are also famous by the name of toy dog for their stuffed skin and at times known as Lion Dog for their appearance. These dogs have got a minimum price of $12,000 at which they are being sold.

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