Top 10 Most Prominent Blogs of Brazil In 2014

 most prominent blogs of Brazil in 2014Now that FIFA World Cup Brazil is over, it can still be interesting to share something more about the host country which is also known for having the most prominent bloggers as per the reveals of 2014. Known that Brazilians make a pretty creative nation, there are some amazing bloggers who started off with a simple blog and have turned them into the most prominent blogs of Brazil in 2014.

Have a look!

1. Mirian Leitão

Mirian Leitão Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

It is one of the leading economical blog of Brazil and is very informative in terms of current affairs such as FIFA world cup 2014 and elections 2014. It has got a variety of categories including articles related to fashion, sports, society and TV etc.

2. Noblat

Noblat Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

This blog is all concerned about the journalistic policy which is being maintained by the very famous journalist Ricardo Noblat and has got various sections including interviews and articles as well as have quotes of the day and poems of the night.

3. Melhores Destinos

Melhores Destinos Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

Since Brazil is a very attractive destination for tourists thus this traveling blog is all about terminuses give you all the information about the airline tickets and airline companies and include reviews from the previous customers for assistance as well.

4. A janela laranja

A janela laranja Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

It is a principal blog that is currently approaching travel matters in Brazil and provide you with great information regarding the variable destinations and good programs that you may enjoy with your family and friends.

5. Garotas estúpidas

Garotas estúpidas Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

The intention of this blog was always to give fashion news to the people and about beauty and celebrities and today this hobby of the owner has turned this blog into a major and influential blog in the entire world.

6. Doris Bicudo

Doris Bicudo Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

People in Brazil are very sturdy when it comes to fashion and clothing and for them this blog serves as a guide to stay updated in the fashion world.

7. It Girls

It Girls Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

This blog talks about fashion for almost every age group and includes easy language that can give significant updates without losing the focus of the subject.

8. Paulo Ricardo

Paulo Ricardo Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

This blog was created as a way to get local to the younger people and finds a very great way to have religious discussion with its people by making good use of videos and texts etc.

9. Blog da Saude

Blog da Saude  Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

This blog majorly focus on the health of women and families and provides quality knowledge regarding the ways that can improve your health.

10. Meio Desligado

Meio Desligado Most Prominent Blogs in Brazil In 2014

This blog talks about different styles of music and is a popular source of information regarding Brazilian music.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    What about the 12 Billion dollars the Brazilian Government wasted on the tournament. People in Brazil are still cursing their Government for wasting 12 billion dollars on the tournament rather than using it for Public welfare. In fact there is a deep depression in Brazilian people for two reasons
    1) They lost the cup.
    2) They lost the money for NOTHING except their country name besides the slogan of Fifa 2014 world cup.

    • Well Said Eliz, In case you missed the news prior to the world cup, the country took extra measures to keep the environment clean and unpolluted, yet all gone in vein!

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