Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia in 2014

Business ConsultantThe world is turning into the most unpredictable place to live and due to the rising population there is also a competition for jobs. If you wish to give your family a good living standard and a luxurious life, you need to even think broader.Malaysia is a famous tourist spot and a good income place too. Here are the most profitable businesses in Malaysia in 2014. Let’s have a look!

10. Restaurants

Restaurants Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

Opening a restaurant in Malaysia is number one choice for most of the people and there are many choices to gain from. You can either stick with the culture of Malaysia regarding food or you can introduce your homeland culture for the local people and tourists.

09. Shoe Enterprise

Shoe Enterprise Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

You can specialize in making different types of shoes for the foreigners and tourists and for the local people as well such as flip-flops, wedding shoes, usual wears and hiking shoes and start generating revenue form it.

08. Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

Internet marketing in Malaysia is progressing day by day and therefore there are a number of companies that are now providing online marketing and SEO services for not just Asian market but for the entire world as well.

07. Travel Agency

Travel Agency Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

Setting up a traveling business is highly revenue generating particularly in Malaysia but it is a very challenging task, but opening up a travel franchise can be the first step to enter into the world of traveling.

06. Mining

Mining Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

Malaysia is number one in selling tin products and therefore the mining business only is contributing more than seven percent to the GDP of the country, thus getting your hands on this business can be very profitable.

05. Fish Providers

Fish Providers Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

Supplying a wide range of shrimps, fish, cephalopods and other valuable seafood is a very profitable business in Malaysia.

04. Tourism:

Tourism Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

Malaysia is a very vibrant tourism destination in the entire world and Malaysia targets to grow business tourism arrivals from 5 percent to 8 percent of the overall tourist arrivals thus making it a gigantic profitable business for anyone to start.

03. Photography

Photography Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

You can either be into commercial photography or portrait photography and while you are in Malaysia you can easily build you way into this profession as a lifetime career.

02. Real Estate

Real Estate Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

You can work into real estate business with great experience and can sell prime or big ticket properties here to investors and developers.

01. Business Consultant

Business Consultant Most Profitable Businesses in Malaysia

If you can support in general office administration purposes such as answering incoming calls, filling and other clerical duties, then starting your own business consulting in Malaysia can be a very profitable trade.


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