Top 10 Most Popular Football Players on Social Media In 2014

Mario-Balotelli.jpgSocial Media has certainly become the most easy medium to estimate the popularity of a celebrity as the concept of following fan pages and the race of increasing followers seems to grow day by day. Our Football players too are found way too active on different social media pages where they are often found sharing their recent pictures, happenings and everything what they wish to, with their followers. Below shown are the top 10 popular Football players on Social  Media in 2014. Have a look!

10. Ángel di María:

Ángel di María popular social media footballer

He is an Argentinian professional footballer, currently playing as a winger for real Madrid. He has a star score of 343,653 and is at number ten on the global social media chart in 2014.

09. Sergio Agüero:

Sergio Agüero popular social media footballer

He plays for Manchester United and Argentine National team and has a total of about 1,057,702 YouTube views and around 6,170,709 Twitter followers that is why he stands at number 9th in this list.

08. Luis Suárez:

Luis Suárez popular social media footballer

He plays for the national team of Uruguay and has a great buzz on the social media this year since he got about 3,041,843 Twitter fans and 7,438,775 Facebook fans and this is the reason why his sports ranking has been improved from the last few years.

07. Gerard Piqué:

Gerard Piqué  popular social media footballer

He is a professional Spanish footballer who plays as a center back for FC Barcelona. He has total of 11,974 YouTube views, 8,751,791 Twitter followers and 13,128,002 Facebook fans. Moreover he also uses Instagram for uploading heartwarming pictures of his son.

06. Karim Benzema:

Karim Benzema popular social media footballer

He is a French international football player and hos got great fan following on all Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. He has 186,000 Twitter fans, 646,000 followers on Instagram and 13 million fans on Facebook this year.

05. Mario Balotelli:

Mario Balotelli popular social media footballer

He has a total of 2,538,023 Twitter followers and 7,238,119 Facebook fans and this is why his ranked has moved up to 40 plus places and he is now at number five of this list.

04. Wayne Rooney:

Wayne Rooney popular social media footballer

He is an English professional football player and is on the top list of global social media chart with a fan following of 9,169,218 on Twitter and 21,825,726 fans on Facebook.

03. Neymar Jr.:

Neymar Jr popular social media footballer

Neymar is a very well-known Brazilian footballer and has around 9,537,361 YouTube views, 13,365,713 Twitter followers and 29,867,725 Facebook fans in 2014.

02. Lionel Messi:

Lionel Messi popular social media footballer

There are millions of fans of Lionel Messi and this is why his Facebook page has got 59,790,418 fans while his YouTube views are a total of 1,302,176.

01. Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo popular social media footballer

There are a number of Facebook and fan pages that have been dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo. He has 27,327,911 Twitter followers and 88,109,324 Facebook fans making him stand at number one in this list.

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