Top 10 Most Selling Chocolate Brands 2015


Have you always been in a dilemma of choosing some best mouthwatering chocolates to fulfill your urge? There are some best world class chocolate manufacturing companies producing delectable bars of long lasting pleasure to which one can easily get addicted to. The competition in this regard has also been way tough since many brands have launched their products in the market and earning their stake at expense of producing best quality chocolates.

In the present era, some of the brands have topped the list of most selling chocolate producers. They are listed as below.

1. Galaxy


Owned by the team of ‘Mars’, Galaxy has become number one brand of the present time. It was established in 1986 with its headquarters in UK. It produces a variety of chocolates like Galaxy Jewels, Caramel, Fruitia and Dove. Galaxy has spread its branches worldwide including America, Europe and Canada.

2. Kit Kat


Amongst the old time chocolate producers, kit Kat has become one of the leading brands in today’s run. It was established in 1935 with its unique touch of wheat bars coated with milk and sugar. It gradually caught the roots of popularity and today it is widely spread with its flavors as fruits, Dry Fruits, White, Dark and Mild embalmed in hot chocolate.

3. Cadbury


It wont be wrong to call Cadbury the giant in the chocolate manufacturing companies. Established in 1824 in London, it is the oldest yet most popular brand of chocolates. It deals with various tastes and flavors including fruity nuts, almonds, crunches and wafers.

4. Mars


Mars is one of the unique chocolate bar of its time, back in 1932 when it get started in UK. It brought a revolution in the run of chocolate manufacturing due to its delicious and fresh ingredients as caramel, nuts and honey. Today it has become one of the largest and most selling brands in the list of confectionery companies with a blend of flavors like Dark, Light, Almond, Midnight and The Fling.

5. Guyllian


The king of Belgian chocolate brands ‘Guylian’ has been serving as one of the best quality chocolate manufacturers since its inception. The handmade quality cocoa bars are phenomenal. It has won the title of making the biggest Easter egg of all time.

6. Patchi


Patchi is another chocolate manufacturing company which was established in 1974. It has also become one of the most selling chocolate brands because of its sensational and delectable creations. Chocolates and wafers are packed in beautiful packaging.

7. Ferrero Rocher rocher

The next on the list is none other than the Italian beauty, renowned as Ferrero Rocher. It has got the ultimate mouthwatering taste with long lasting joy in every bite. Wrapped in glittering golden foils and packed in beautiful boxes is yet another specialty associated with this brand. It has got a perfect combination of its constituents including wafer, milk and caramel toppings.

8. Ghirardelli


Ghirardelli is an Italian brand which was established in 1852. It has been mastering the best and unique chocolate manufacturing with its own particular style. Chocolates are made of milk, cocoa and fresh cream. Its headquarters today is in USA.

9. Lindt and Sprungli

9.lindt and sprungli

One of the most professional and technical chocolate manufacturers ‘Lindt and Sprungli’ are the next on our list. This brand was launched in 1845 and came to have one of the largest chocolate factories in the world. It also deals with desserts and brownies alongwith chocolates.

10. Toblerone


The uniquely manufactured piece of art, yes, its none other than prism shaped Toblerone which is the last on our list of most selling chocolate brands. It started off as a dessert making company in 1908 but mastered in making fine quality chocolates with fresh ingredients including almonds, Nougat, cocoa and honey.

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