Top 10 Most Influential Personalities Of Asia


To get recognition and fame and to see your name in the list of amazing and influential personalities is not a bed of roses. It requires the effort and a lifetime endowment to a specific cause or field. Asia is that continent of the world which has yielded some big names previously and still it has been in a process of looking for such personalities. The toughest and the sharpest Asians have got their charisma in almost every field of life which is agreed to have admiration and recognition by the whole world.

In the given list are enlightened the top ten most influential and popular personalities belonging to Asia.

10. Park Geun-Hye

South Korea New President

The first South Korean woman to hold the office of President, Park Geun-Hye appears on the list to be the tenth most influential personality of Asia. She is the 11th president of South Korea. Being daughter of third president of South Korea, she has got a political background which also includes her membership of National Korean assembly.

9. Shinzo Abe


The next on the list is the grandson of Kan Abe, former prime minster of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe. He is the current Prime minister of Japan and builds a high repute since his first election at the age of 52. He is considers to be born politician because of his political background and his mastering skills as well. He has also served as Minister for Foreign Affairs back before elected as Prime Minister.

8. Ban Ki-Moon

8.banki moon

The current Un Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon makes his presence in the list of most influential people in Asia by struggling to get this repute. Ban has a record breaking number of some prestigious awards from all over the world on his humanitarian achievements. Ban Ki-Moon is considered to have more influence than many renowned political leaders with UN under his hand.

7. Li Ka Shing


With a personal estimated worth of $31 billion, Sir Li Ka Shing is the first businessman on the list of Asian influential personalities. He is the world’s 8th richest person resuming his success with his intellect and smart marketing. He is also famous for his charity works for the welfare of community.

6. Manmohan Singh


Manmohan Singh, the first Sikh Prime Minister makes his influence so prominent in Asia that nobody can deny his popularity. He is praised to take India’s economy to an optimum level and averting a financial crisis. He has also served his efforts as Finance Minister and made his position to get elected as Prime Minister. He has achieved many awards for his lifetime hard work and devotion in his field.

5. Rahul Gandhi

5. rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is one of the most renowned names of Indian political figures in particular and of Asia in general. Having a strong and absolute political heritage from his family, he firmly holds the fifth spot of the list. The great-grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru and also grandson of Indra Gandhi is now vice president of Indian National Congress and Chairperson of Indian Youth Congress. He is also line to be the next Prime Minister of India.

4. Narendra Modi

4. narendra modi

Another name from the Indian political platform, Narendra Modi is 14th chief minister of the state of Gujrat. He is currently one of the most active political leader and Hindu Nationalist tipped to be the next Prime Minister of India. He is also a member of BJP and RSS.

3. Li Keqiang

3. li keqiang

The Premier of People’s Republic of China and the Secretary of the Chinese State Council Li Keqiang is the next most deserving name to be on the second spot of the list. He also makes himself to be the second ranked member of the CPC politburo standing committee that gives him authority to make many important and powerful decisions of the country.

2. Sonia Gandhi

2.  sonia gandhi

The Italian born Indian politician, Sonia Gandhi is the amazing Indian lady making her achievements worth to be mentioned in the list of most influential personalities of Asia. She is the president of Indian National Congress and Chairperson of National Advisory Council of India. She has been ranked fourth in the list of most powerful person on the planet by Forbes. She is also the widow of late Rajiv Gandhi which maximizes her popularity.

1. Xi Jinping


With no challenging personality on earth against him being on the top of the list, Xi Jinping occupies his rank with the most influential personality that took him to height of success. He has now got the world’s largest army under his control and the second largest economy associated with him. Being son of former Vice Premier of China, he joined politics at a very young age to touch the zenith of success in this regard. he makes himself one of the world’s most powerful person and the first one in Asia.

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