How Teenagers Can Increase Their Pocket Money in 2014?

teenagers increase their pocket moneyMoney is an ultimate source of buying real fun, especially when you are a teenager and have plenty of time to invest in enjoying life. However, it is a fair reality that all teenagers have in the name of money is their pocket money which obviously has a big room to welcome some more bucks.

If you are still in your teenage and looking to increase your monthly pocket money, here are 8 decent ways to make money in 2014.
Have a look!

1) Start tutoring

There is nothing like a free lunch.Therefore, if you want to earn to give your pocket money a boost, you will have to put in your time, energy and efforts equally. You can always utilize your free hours in spreading knowledge by tutoring children, even your juniors at high school. It is one the very common ways through which many teenagers are already
earning-and earning smart!

2) Start blogging

If you are among those focused teenagers who often think about having a bright future and start putting in their energies to make it possible,  blogging is what you can think of. There are some limitations in this domain however, like you really need to assess your writing skills critically and learn a lot about search engine optimization. It is a gradual process with a heavenly happy business of your own in future
Give it a try!

3) Join Musical band

Music, though equally popular among people of all ages, attracts the teenagers the most. If you are a good singer, a guitarist or a keyboard expert, you can always join a musical band and cash your passion as a liquid cash.

4) Offer assistance

It is obvious that you cannot apply for a part time without a degree but you can always assist your professors, parents and uncles in
their businesses. Many of you might be doing this occasionally too but adopting it as a practice can bring you good revenue.

5) Write articles

Not ready for your own blog but know how to write a good piece of writing? Even this is great. There are a couple of reliable sites that pay you handsome for your articles. Some of the examples are yahoo, ezinearticles, hubpages, squidoo, etc.

6) Become a photographer

Camera is no more limited to capture the memories only. It has
now redefined itself as a tool. If you have these skills and a camera, who can stop you from progressing? Make a good use of your camera and sell the nature landscape pictures to the galleries, artists, etc.

7) Learn photoshop

Graphic designers are earning around $300 a month and you can earn pretty similar by learning photoshop. It is important to understand that investing your time in such a productive course will not only bring you the short term boost in the pocket money but will also help you out in later years of your

8) Manage Facebook Fanpages

Big industries and online businesses require admins who can manage facebook fan pages by posting interesting updates, news and photos to keep their page live. This is comparatively the easiest way of making money and you can make up to $ 50 every month by working 30 minutes from home only.

Money is no way difficult to be earned. What requires your attention is the way you plan your life and
pocket to be like.

Wish you all a happy earning,


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  1. These are good options for student as well as job seekers also.

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  3. Great work keep it up, sharing such information to teenagers to that they can utilize their energy in constructive way.Thanks

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