Microsoft To Launch Surface Along With Windows 8

At last, Microsoft's latest PC flagship Operating System, the Windows 8, is just around the corner. The hype has had itself building for well over an year now, and Microsoft has been dishing out previews to let consumers and developers know what to expect. First the Developer Preview, then the Consumer Preview, and finally, the Release Preview before the actual release, which will be done on the 26th of this month. But amidst all this, the software manufacturer has also been gearing up for its … [Read more...]

Free Download of Windows8 Release Preview

It is official! In Microsoft's annual sales meeting, Steven Sinofsky announced the release date for Windows 8, which was later confirmed by the Windows Blog. It has been scheduled for release on the 26 of October this year, and already, expectation is high. That is only natural, since Windows 8 is one of Microsoft's flagship products announced this year. Last year, Microsoft released a developer preview of the OS, while at the start of this year, the Consumer Preview was released. Those two … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office 2013: What are the new features?

It was long awaited to hear from Microsoft about their latest creativity after the Craze of Windows 8 Consumer preview, which is now slowly coming to an end. There is no doubt that after Microsoft Windows, its Office that is responsible for Microsoft’s popularity. MS Office 2013 is now launched in to the market after the huge success of its 2010 version. Just like Windows 8, its consumer preview is now available, followed by an official launch of the product later this year. It is important to … [Read more...]

30 windows8 Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys You Must Know!

At this time of life where the survival is almost impossible without having short cuts due to the busy schedules, Windows 8 has played a safer game by introducing many hotkeys that are an added feature which is responsible for windows 8 consumer preview’s popularity. We have been sharing some best tips and tricks with our readers to make their windows 8 experience an easy one. After discussing in detail how you can create the shortcuts and set them to your desktop, it is time to learn simple … [Read more...]

Windows9 Features : How different it could be?

Its easy to guess that Microsoft is working really hard to keep on going the developments maintaining and in fact boosting the pace. It was only now when Microsoft released it Windows 7 operating system which was totally a new Product in terms of features as compared to the long surviving Windows XP. Consumers were not out of the Windows 7 craze when Microsoft released it’s Magnificent Windows 8 which is again a total surprise package with features so unlike than that of all previous Versions of … [Read more...]

Reasons Why Microsoft Improved Windows 8 Interface- Latest Update!

Windows 8 has again taken up the market with its latest reveal of updating the Metro User interface which has already proved as one of the most controversial upgrade in Windows 8, making it completely different from all previous versions of Microsoft Windows. The consumer Preview which was released few months back has got a mixed feedback from the consumers where some of them appreciated the new look, at the same time it turned out to a hassle for people having less operating skills. … [Read more...]

Create windows8 Bootable DVD in Minutes!

Keeping your belongings managed, is always a good practice and when it comes to having your own copy of Windows 8, then you need to learn how you can grab it for yourself by making a Bootable DVD. The feedback of windows 8 consumer preview is great and the users are simply loving the new Metro Interface and the added features in this brilliant Operating system which is not only concerned with the functionality but also has taken up the market on the basis of its unique outlook. Professional … [Read more...]

30 Cool "Windows 8 Tricks" You Must Know!

The hype that was created by the Windows 8 consumer preview, has now taken up the entire world in its spell and it was shocking for me to realize the power of windows 8, when I recently made a survey about the latest happenings at Microsoft’s end, after getting free from my exams. We did talk about the upper hand that windows 8 has got on all previous versions, highlighting why a real huge crowd is falling for it, and now it’s the time to share some most wanted tips and tricks of Windows 8, to … [Read more...]

Amazing Windows 8 Wallpapers–Reloaded!

Windows 8 is taking up the market slowly and I have noticed a great thirst in the consumers for the cool desktop wallpapers to keep their windows 8 customized. along with the exciting new features of windows’ new creation, windows wallpapers are center of attention too. Smartearningmethods was keen enough to judge the massive change that will accompany the launch of Windows 8 and has had kept its readers updated with every single move. The first thing that attracts the consumers is the basic … [Read more...]

Create Backup and Restore it In Windows 8 – Tutorial 4

Data loss is the most unwanted thing that any user ever want. However its uncontrollable and no matter how many preventive measures you take, your data is in a constant risk. The Windows 8 users who have recently switched on Windows 8 from their beloved windows 7, they    need to know about how they can create Backups and can restore them using windows 8  to minimize the adverse affects of data loss. Windows 8 have no option of creating backup through file history feature on your local drive … [Read more...]

Convert PDF To Image File in Windows 8- Tutorial 3!

Microsoft’s record breaking hype creating invention, the windows 8 consumer view has been the center of attention since the day it was out. It has not only open new doors for the windows users, but also has shown new ways to the developers. Since its advent, the programmers are found busy in programming their softwares to make their pieces compatible with windows 8 operating system. Giant companies like Firefox and Skype have been busy throughout these three months, finding their place now in … [Read more...]