Best A-Z Content Writing Strategies for Bloggers In 2016

Blogging is a passion of most of the online workers. The nature of work is simple and effective and through blogging people earn good amount of money as well. If you are a blogger and thinking about staring your own web page an A to Z list of content writing strategies are a must for you. The best A to Z  Content Writing Strategies in 2016 are as followed! … [Read more...]

Spicy Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram has turned into a sole representative when it comes to online- sharing of pictures and videos and no doubts, it is certainly doing a great job. Providing an ease of operation and earning, Instagram users are making huge money with their photo uploads and even advertisers who intend to target a global audience is making a full use of this not-so-expensive platform. However, we have been helping our followers to use smart tips in every business they plan to choose and here we are again … [Read more...]

Why Buying Backlinks is a Poor SEO Strategy?

Money has its own charm, the strongest indeed, and when it comes to making money online through a blog, you can expect anything by the publishers. We have been discussing the significance of backlinks in a blogging career, highlighting how beneficial these external links are for the blog in terms of Google search, as well as earnings. These days when every step has two ways, most of the desperate money makers choose the wrong one to get a quicker success, forgetting how temporary it might be. … [Read more...]

What it takes to Turn your Website into an e-business?

With the world going online in every aspect of life, earning online has turned into one of the major businesses. Whether it is writing, surveying, freelancing or offering any kind of service, a website or a blog plays an important part in how to maximize the revenue. It has been seen that the people who look forward to earn online often create a website which brings no good to them. Realizing the importance of an effective website, here are 5 tips that can really help you in turning your website … [Read more...]

How To Attract Free Traffic From Facebook?

Looking for a huge traffic for your blog? Then you really need to be friends with Social Networks, especially Facebook! Whether it’s a school going lad or a Rich Businessman, people all around the world have now one platform in common and that is, undoubtedly, The Facebook. According the latest statistics, there are above 9 million active users that log in to their accounts on daily basis. Just imagine how large your potential traffic would be, if you learnt the art of diverting some juice of … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Promote Your Blog Via Social Media

There is hardly any aspect of life which is not affected by the social Networking touch. The most in competition among all the social platforms is the Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter including LinkedIn, MySpace and Digg. Now a question arises in mind that do all these sites actually help in publicizing a service or product? The answer lies in the survey that concluded that 22% of the time of the world’s population is spent over the internet on blogs and social websites. Now that we know how … [Read more...]

10 Must Follow Tips To Become a Smart Blogger

Blogging is not about having a Google account and building up a free domain blog with blogger and posting any garbage on your blogs, No! In fact, being an entrepreneur is itself a multitasking, and when you choose blogging as your business, your responsibilities are doubled. As a blogger you have to fulfill two duties at the same time, first, mainly ensuring some decent earnings to meet up your living and secondly becoming most reliable source available on Internet for your readers. However, … [Read more...]

What Topics To Write On a Newly Launched Blog?

Starting up as a blogger, building a blog is certainly an easy task to do. However, maintaining your blog and taking it to such a level that it turns into an asset from a liability is what blogging is all about. As a blogger you need to have a consistency in writing and producing quality articles on the topics that people are waiting to read. Now this might raise too many questions in your mind about what are the areas that your readers really want to read about. If you question this to … [Read more...]

Increase Followers On Pinterest For Better Marketing

Pinterest is a social network that only recently came to fame. It's a marketing tool, more than anything else. Joining Pinterest could open up one more flood gate for you. But if you are looking to utilize the full potential of that gate, then you need to stop thinking and start acting to increase your followers. Without a decent amount of following, there's only so much you can do in this heartless internet world. So here today, I am going to talk about a few ways you could increase your … [Read more...]

7 Reasons That Make Me Hate Pinterest!

With the rapid penetration of internet in our daily lives, numbers of social networks have emerged. Some of which acquired incredible success and some are on their way. Pinterest, the visual pin board started its journey two years back and is now following a smooth path. You must understand whether this new marketing tool can benefit your website or blog or not before starting using it. I am sharing below my experiences and highlighting some loop holes in Pinterest that somewhat did not impress … [Read more...]