Most Popular YouTubers from India In 2017

YouTube glory is a new sensation in India. Loud growth in internet networks, a heave of smartphone sales and the rise of YouTube role models are now working as a catalyst. The internet user base in India has virtually multiplied from 120 million in 2012 to 343 million in just one year. The ten most popular YouTube bloggers from India in 2017 are as stated below. … [Read more...]

Best Cameras for Making Vlogs

Video logging is an editorial video citation on the website of a person's existence, views, ideas, and welfares. A vlog can be contemporary and enduring, instructional and amusing. But, in order to make your vlog effective, considering some options is very useful. Among the features that truly affect a vlog include quality of the content, use of good and up to date software and professional cameras. There are plenty of great cameras for Vlogging and from action cams to DLSRs, there are ample of … [Read more...]

How to Do Vlogging on YouTube?

If you have the guts to face the camera and entertain people, you are all good to go to start your vlogging career through YouTube with little investment at the beginning. Vlogging is a kind of blogging for which the mediums used are basically videos. For some people it is also a form of web television where vloggers can combine embedded videos or video links with images, supporting messages and other methods of metadata. Vlog category is a major part of YouTube channels where web syndication … [Read more...]

What Made Lilly Singh a  $2.5 Millionaire?

What Made Lilly Singh a  $2.5 Millionaire? It is quite fascinating to see this ‘Superwoman’ after the great renown and the symbol of unexceptional strength of Superman (ofcourse he is known since like ages). Surprised to know that there is a Superwoman existing in the real life? Say thanks to the YouTube contributing as the best video sharing and Vlogging platform in the world. It was an ordinary lady once to whom YouTube made a real life Superwoman earning a great fortune out of it. Now you … [Read more...]

How Much Money Has Lindsey Stirling Earned With YouTube?

In the modern era, where the stage of social media is being ruled by the comedian and hard-core gaming review generators and the mushicians. One can only imagine how hard it can be to be famous for only their style of playing the music instrument. Consider YouTube, where most of the subscribed channels are of the lead pop singers and DJ’s, comedians and last but not the least of gamers who review on games. Lindsey Stirling, a YouTube sensation is a perfect example that fits the above mentioned … [Read more...]

How Michelle Phan Earned from Youtube?

Michelle Phan, who originally is an Honorary Doctorate of Arts degree, has become a popular YouTube personality. Michelle, in fact, is considered the queen of YouTube. Recently, Michelle has travelled with the First Lady, Michelle Obama to help promote the program ‘let girls learn’. Isn’t this cool? But who is Michelle Phan and how all of a sudden, she became so POPULAR? Well, Michele is like a prettiness guru, who is best known for her makeup demos, who initially started on YouTube by uploading … [Read more...]

How PewDiePie Became the Most Subscribed Channel of YouTube

Amongst the social media website that float in today’s market, YouTube is the most used website. YouTube works on the formula of subscribing your own channel if a person wants to promote his work or videos. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was also a normal YouTube channel subscriber who is also known by the name of PewDiePie. An internet sensation, he is a comedian and at the same time a video producer as well. A Swedish international, PewDiePie has the record to his name of being the most subscribed … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Popular Football Players on Social Media In 2014

Social Media has certainly become the most easy medium to estimate the popularity of a celebrity as the concept of following fan pages and the race of increasing followers seems to grow day by day. Our Football players too are found way too active on different social media pages where they are often found sharing their recent pictures, happenings and everything what they wish to, with their followers. Below shown are the top 10 popular Football players on Social  Media in 2014. Have a look! … [Read more...]

10 most famous social media icons in Pakistan in 2014

 How popular your friend or relative is, can only be revealed by the social media profile that he owns. Similarly, the social media fan following plays a significant role in making a celebrity worth following for those who are yet not following them. Pakistan, like many other countries, hold a great value for social media. Here are 10 most famous Social Media Icons in Pakistan in 2014, have a look! … [Read more...]

Why Blogging is Still Better than Tumblring in 2014

If you are somehow or the other way affiliated with the online earning medium where you are making money by sharing content online, you might have witnessed a significant change in the trend where content sharers are found adopting new tools and platforms. As a part of the social media promoter, it is always a good deal to play around with new platforms but if you want to talk about the serious business here, let us tell you that though tumblr has given a huge hit to the blogsphere, blogging is … [Read more...]

Why LinkedIn Is Still Uncommon In Asia?

LinkedIn can be regarded as one of the biggest social networking websites that are used by thousands of professionals on daily basis but it is a fact that LinkedIn is more successful in western countries in comparisons to Asian countries. India can be recognized to have partial of its overall users and some of them can be found in Australia and south Asia as well but their account in east Asia is still a bit less. Some of the factors responsible for this fact were the cultural aspects that … [Read more...]