How To Create a Picture Slideshow in YouTube?

Most of you are probably thinking, "a slideshow on YouTube? I thought SlideShare was the proper way to share slideshows, or maybe Flickr or Picassa for sharing photos." You wouldn't be wrong either - but only so long as the talk is just about photos. A transitional slideshow is just a step short of a full video, and since that's YouTube's department, we figured we might as well share a how-to on making a photo slideshow in YouTube. Slideshows can be a very convenient way of sharing your photos … [Read more...]

How to Hold A Poll on Google Plus?

Running polls is a great way of interacting with your social media audience. It gives them a chance to provide a quick one-click answer, which isn't a problem with most people. And, it provides you with quick feedback from your followers. Another positive thing about polls is that, they tend to spread. Followers of one option or idea tend to gang up on others, especially if the poll goes viral. Facebook's polling is a very good example. Questions on Facebook get passed around a lot by people who … [Read more...]