Richest Teenagers in 2017 who are Millionaires

Out of so many dreams of life, the one of the most blissful one is the dream of turning into a successful and noticeable little man in your teen age. While in some countries where a child remains a child till he doesn’t leave his high school, there are countries and regions where parents are trained to groom up their children in such a manner that by the time they enter their teenage, they perfectly know what do they have to focus in their lives. If you are a teenager or if your child is, and … [Read more...]

Closer Look at the Net Worth of Sahar Hashemi of Iran?

We have been talking about the female power on and off and here we are again present with something that one should really not miss. We have Sahar Hashemi today to be reviewed on. Sahar Hashemi is a very famous and renowned UK based Iranian businesswomen. She is superlatively recognized as co-organizer and initiator of the coffee brand called Coffee Republic alongside her sweetmeat brand named Skinny Candy. She has been titled on a number of power lists, including those assembled by the Daily … [Read more...]

12 Logical Reasons Why Facebook Bought Instagram for $1 Billion

If you are a Facebook User and You are keen to know what forced the Giant Facebook to invest $1 Billion in getting its hands on Instagram, you are at the right place because, even we had been working hard to actually settle down with a piece of research behind this. Oh yes, for those who do not yet know the big news of the Social Media Market, Facebook has actually acquired Instagram App for $1 Billion. Having been talk much about the news itself, here are some of the actual Logical reasons that … [Read more...]

Ten Amazing Facts about Robert Kiyosaki

We have been lately sharing much about the great person to be known Robert Kiyosaki and here we are again with some amazing facts you might not know about Robert. Before that, in case you still not know who this great man is, here goes a brief introduction to him. Robert Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur, stockholder, self-made writer, teacher, motivational lecturer, monetary activist, business commentator, and radio person. … [Read more...]

What is the Net Worth of Robert Kiyosaki?

The author of the famous book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, Robert Kiyosaki is all knownfor his incredible work in the domain of authorship and councelling. It would not be wrong to consider him as one of the leading multi-talented personalities in the world. He is not only a famous writer, but also He is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, and also a financial knowledge activist. For his phenomenal work and absolutely amazing contribution, he is brilliantly rich and enjoys a huge net worth. … [Read more...]

Why Tayyip Erdogan is a popular Muslim Leader?

The recent protests and military disobeyance made Turkey even a more firm and focused country, thanks to the President Tayyip Erdagon. Tayyip has had been admired not by the nation only, but by the mass audience all over the world for his phenomenal policies and action plans. Througout his reign from 2003, when Erdagon’s party got a fluent victory and he became the new Prime minister of the country, he ensured to facilitate the lives of common people the best way possible. He continued to be on … [Read more...]

What Is Net Worth Of Tayyip Erdogan?

Talking of a country like Turkey, we can associate a number of big names in regard with its social or political scenario. The current president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdagon is one of those names who have been serving for his conservative democratic politics since 2014. The control of presidential office of Turkey is not an easy task and takes a great effort to run it properly. For this, Recep Tayyip also deserves a reasonable payback for his services and so he does get. … [Read more...]

How Popular Is Pokemon Go in India and Pakistan?

Social media is all about catching a Pokemon these days. While the world is busy playing Pokemon, people in India and Pakistan are still keen to know what is it all about! Get to know what makes Pokemon Go so popular in India and Pakistan below! … [Read more...]

How Rich Is Edhi Foundation?

It is just too unfortunate for Pakistan that it lost its angel sent who helped the suffering people all over the country with his humanity. Abdul Sattar Edhi left all of us crying this month. If you are one of those people who want to know.more about Edhi and his foundation, here is all about it.  … [Read more...]

Things That Bengalis Love About Pakistan

Its not only about Pakistan’s critical relation with its neighbor country India but when it comes to Bangladesh, the history is no different. The liberation war can never be forgotten by both Pakistani and Bengali nations. But there are certain things that both countries admire about each other. It wont be right to say that people of Bangladesh truly love Pakistan and have no negative or hateful sentiment for Pakistanis. The dark historic chapter that became the fate of these countries has a … [Read more...]

Top Ten Celebrities of Afghanistan in 2016

Afghanistan has given many celebrities and rich people to the world. In the following list, all those people have been included who belong to the traditional groups of the contemporary state of Afghanistan. It also contains modern figures impending from the present day boundaries of Afghanistan, even if they are not Pashtuns. The top ten celebrities of Afghanistan are as followed! … [Read more...]